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How to Kick Bots in CSGO in 2021



How to Kick Bots in CSGO in 2021

Do you need to kick bots in CSGO when you’re just wanting to play by yourself or with friends? No worries, kicking the bots may not be the easiest thing to do when you’re new to the game, or forgetful – but in this guide, we will cover the easiest way to kick the bots, and how to remember the command so you don’t need to look into it again! 

How to Kick Bots in CSGO? 

Kicking bots in CSGO is a single command that will kick all bots in the game. We will look at several kick methods and you can use the command that you wish. 

Regardless, you need to open your console in CSGO. To open your console, you may need to go to your CSGO settings, and enable it first. Enable the “Console” in your settings before the game starts. You can find this at Settings > Game Settings > Enable Developer Console. (You may want to change the default key bind from ~ to another key). Once done – move forth and kick those bots. 

To Kick ALL bots from your Game 

  • Bot_kick (Will kick all bots from your game) 

To Kick CT Bots from your Game 

  • Bot_kick ct (Will kick 1 CT player from your Game) 

To Kick T Bots from your Game 

  • Bot_kick t (Will kick 1 T-side Player from your Game) 

Note: If bots are being kicked from your game when you’re trying to kick a specific number of one-side’s teams, then you may need to allow for team unbalancing. To do this, make sure the following commands are used: 

  • Mp_limiteams 0  (Disables the team limiter) 
  • Mp_autoteambalance 0 (Disables the automatic team balancing). 

Once these have been done, you should be able to move forward with the above commands to kick bots from one team or the other.  

How to Kick Bots in CSGO

Why you want to Kick Bots in CSGO? 

In many cases, when you load up a bot game in CSGO, you don’t always want the bots to be in your game. To kick the bots, is to give you a place where you can simply practice maps, or play with friends on a comp, just without the bots. 

Although bots can be useful, when you’re playing with a friend, you should always kick the bots if you want a true 1v1, however if you are feeling generous you could always give your opposition a free bot by running the Bot_add <ct/t> to help them out.  

What are Bots Good for in CSGO? 

In CSGO, bots are not used as much as they were 5 years ago. There are now practice maps that don’t only help you with your aim, ability and movement but can also mitigate the need for pesky bots that may not play how you want them to. 

However, if you are wanting to do a quick warmup or just fancy playing a game against some bots who seemingly have no-”computing” brains, then playing a 1v5 in a CSGO comp bot match is quite useful. For new players, playing against bots may help people understand aiming, trigger discipline and movement from both simulated players as well as their own movement. 

Can Bots be controlled? 

To some extent, bots can be controlled by another player – and can be manipulated to perform certain actions. From the front end of CSGO, there are a few commands that you can use to control the bots however for the most part leaving the bots to their own devices is the best option.  


For more advanced controls over bots, we will make a new article just for you! Let us know in the comments if you wish to see an advanced bot’s article! 


In conclusion, to getting rid of the bots in CSGO is super easy and should be an easy to remember command! Be sure to take a look at some of our other CSGO articles that you can find here on OvrPwr, and be sure to leave a comment for any of your questions!  

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