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Best Roaming Guide for League of Legends



Roaming Guide in League of Legends

Roaming is an important tactic to use in League of Legends, contrary to what the literal meaning means, which is to roam aimlessly or randomly over an area.

This is not necessarily true when it comes to the game, and today – we take a look at the best way you can Roam in League of Legends whilst contributing to your team and hopefully winning the games you play.

This is OvrPwr, and today, we’re going to take a look at the best Roaming strategy for League of Legends in the latest patch.

Roaming Evelynn League of Legends
Image Source: League of Legends / RIOT

When is Roaming the Right Move?

If you are in one of the cases below then roaming might be a good idea:

  • If you are having a hard time in your lane and cannot get an advantage in the 1v1.
  • If you saw the enemy jungler heading towards a certain lane and you have to counter gank.
  • If you just recalled and the lane is slow pushing towards you.
  • When you are setting up deep wards.
  • When your ADC can be left alone and there are no threats in lane.
  • When you have a perfect ultimate for ganking such as Twisted Fate, or Malzahar.
  • When your ally’s ultimate is up.
  • When you have killed your enemy laner.
  • When you have pushed the wave to the enemy turret.
  • When an enemy is missing an important defensive spell like Flash

What should you think about Before Roaming

There are some things you should be thinking about before you roam like we noted in the beginning roaming is not a random feeling but requires some thinking.

  • Are you playing a champion that can roam safely?
  • Will your enemy laner gain an advantage when you are going to roam?
  • If yes would it still be worth to roam or to just deny the enemy laner even more?
  • Is it safe to move through the jungle without being assassinated?
  • Is the targeted lane in a gankable position?
  • Will your ADC be safe alone? (for Supports)
  • do you have time to go back to your lane and collect the wave in time?
  • If no is it still worth to leave that farm and continue on your roam?

What to do Before you Roam

  • Shove the wave to the enemy turret as fast as possible
  • Ping your allies that you are coming
  • Check if you are not stepping on vision
  • Block the enemy’s escape route

What to do After a Roam

  • Push the wave and hit the enemy turret
  • Take an objective like dragon, scuttle, or herald
  • Recall fast and get back to your farm
  • Snowball to other lanes with number advantage


We hope that this guide has helped you identify what you need to do when Roaming in League of Legends, and how you can better your roaming experience for you and your team. If you have any other suggestions or feedback, then let us know down in the comments!

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