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CSGO RANKS Guide Explained for 2021



Ultimate CSGO RANKS Guide Explained for 2021

CSGO Ranks have been around since the very start. One of the most played game modes within CSGO is that of Competitive. The all-around skill, teamwork and action-packed game mode is a fan favourite and has attracted hundreds of millions of players from around the world to both plays, and actively take part in its eSports events. 

Many players around the world, however, are still wanting to find out more about the CSGO ranks, CSGO Rank distribution, and a bit more on the most common ranks in the game. Today, we take a deep dive into all things CSGO ranks and figure out the answers to all of these questions! 

What are the CSGO Ranks? 

CSGO Ranks have remained the same from the very start when it was introduced, and they are as follows; 

  • Silver I 
  • Silver II 
  • Silver III 
  • Silver IV 
  • Silver Elite 
  • Silver Elite Master 
  • Gold Nova I 
  • Gold Nova II 
  • Gold Nova III 
  • Gold Nova Master 
  • Master Guardian I 
  • Master Guardian II 
  • Master Guardian Elite 
  • Distinguished Master Guardian 
  • Legendary Eagle 
  • Legendary Eagle Master 
  • Supreme Master First Class 
  • The Global Elite 

All of the 18 ranks in the game, are listed above. There is also “Unranked” which is when a user has either an expired rank from inactivity, or a ban – or hasn’t played their first 10 matches to earn a placement.  

How do CSGO Ranks Work? 

CSGO Ranks work similarly to any other competitive gameplay system. When a gamer first starts to play Counter Strike, they are invited to get to level 2, and then play ten competitive matches either on their own or with friends.  


The first 2 levels of the game are to get the player used to the game, and how things operate, and the first ten games in competitive are to get an evaluation of the player in 10 matches, and get an average for who the player is playing against, and rank them accordingly. Something to note, is that an unranked player will not be able to play with anything higher that Master Guardian II, unless a full team of 5 is in play which bypasses any rank requirements.  

What is the current CSGO Rank Distribution? 

CSGO Ranks change over time, and after some “questionable” updates from Valve, the ranks have changed quite substantially over time. At the moment, according to (a website dedicated to tracking users CSGO stats), the ranks distribution is still marginally Gold Nova 2.  

CSGO Ranks Distribution

New players will often start out at Silver and at a push Gold Nova ranks which is still where the majority of players are collected. Once more advanced, classed as the “Top 5 Ranks”, Distinguished Master Guardian to the Global Elite count for 13.81% of the world’s players. This could be identified as the top 10% from LEM to GE. 

How are CSGO Ranks Determined? 

Valve are incredibly secret with their inner workings and most certainty with ranking systems in both Dota 2, and CSGO. Although not for certain, the ranking system CSGO seems to uses involves ELO and Glicko-2 (MMR) based ranking. 


This means, when you play the game, depending on your performance and current rank and ability, your MMR or ELO will adapt, hence the rank changes depending on your performances. However, we do know that if you’ve not played Counter Strike for a while, and or have played too much of it within one-rank, being pushed to another rank means you have to work harder, and maybe for longer. 

How do I get my rank better? 

As we’ve already mentioned, your rank is determined by your performances in-game, and your team’s performance (I.e Wins/Teamwork). Although your team doesn’t play a huge part, it can impact your performance and therefor make your rank decline. 

To get a better rank in CSGO, you simply have to be better. This doesn’t always mean improving yourself, by try improving your team or playing with a team that has communication is almost a guaranteed game winner for most low-level players. Simple communication can win a game without any major skills needed.  

You can take a look at our guide, on How to get better at CSGO in 2021, for the best tips and tricks on CSGO, and hopefully will help you improve your rank in CSGO, and therefore make you better at the game! 



All in all, the ranks and distribution in CSGO is quite average and will likely remain the same for the coming years. We hope this guide has been helpful for you and has been able to keep you informed with the latest CSGO ranks and systems. 

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