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How to Rename the Bomb in CSGO



How to Rename the Bomb in CSGO

Whatever the reason you found yourself here, you are here to try to rename the bomb in CSGO. Some people refer to this as a glitch, or non-intended addition to the game, however, we think Valve left this in on purpose to give people the option to rename their tiny toy.  

Today, we take a look at how you can change the name of the bomb in CSGO, and why you might want to do it – and the most important thing, will it get you banned. Let’s take a look throughout this guide today, only on OvrPwr.  

How to Change the Name of the Bomb in CSGO 

Changing the name of your bomb in CSGO is quite simple, and won’t take you much time at all. However, you will need a nametag spare, which you can buy from the CSGO Store or the marketplace. You are also able to trade for them should you want to. Let’s get started. 

Find and Edit “items_game.txt” file. 

If you head over to the following path, you should be able to find the file “items_game.txt”. If you are unable to, head over to steam, right-click CSGO in your library and head over to “Browse Local Files” and follow the link again.  

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\scripts\items 

Open “items_game.txt” and find “Item_Slot” “C4” 

Within the Items_game.txt file, there is a file called “c4” and within that section, an option called “item_slot”. Within this, change “c4” to “melee” and save the folder like below.  

How to Rename the Bomb in CSGO

Open CSGO and Find the Bomb 

Once you’ve saved this file, if you head over to CSGO, you should now be able to see your bomb (as before) but if you right-click on your CSGO bomb, you should be able to “Rename” just like you would with any other skin. 

Image Source: TobyCS

At this point, you can enter your name, apply and then your bomb will be renamed in CSGO. (This will duplicate the bomb). 

Re-Open “Items_game.txt” and replace “c4’s Melee” back to “C4”.  

In this step, we need to reverse the change we made at the start, so head back over to the Items_game.txt file, find “C4” and change the “item_slot” back to “c4” (from “melee”).  


That’s it! Simply restart your game once more and you will have a fully functionally, fully named bomb in CSGO! 

Why you Might Want to Change the Name of the Bomb in CSGO 

The reason you may want to change the name of the bomb in CSGO is down to personal preference. But with the introduction of CSGO skins, you may also want to just be different. Not many people know how to change the name of the bomb in CSGO, so by doing so you are giving yourself a unique selling point when you’re on the T-Side.  

There are many other reasons you might want to change the bomb in CSGO, however for the most part – there is no major benefit to change your bomb name in CSGO, apart from spending a little money to look cool running to the bomb site.  


Can It get you banned? 

A common question people ask when trying to change the name of the bomb in CSGO is can it get you banned? Long story short – No it can’t, if you’re respectful. There are some names that are offensive that Valve/Steam will not approve of, and may remove or even ban your account. 

For names such as “John” or “This is a Bomb”, “Rush B” or “Lol JK” are all examples of names that would be perfectly valid for the CSGO bomb. Be respectful when naming your bomb and you won’t be banned, or penalized for the actions. 



In conclusion, we hope this guide has helped you identify and be able to rename the bomb in CSGO. This is quite a fun addition to the game and will make you stand out in the crowd when running to the bomb site!  

Be sure to check out our other articles about CSGO, and if you have any issues, be sure to let us know in the comments below!  

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