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How to Stop Raging While Playing Apex Legends



How to Stop Raging While Playing Apex Legends

Competitive games like Apex Legends are games where you easily get frustrated at anything and start raging very quickly making it very unhealthy for you and the people you’re raging at, it may just be words you’re saying out of frustration or anger, but the other players are also humans and they have their pride and feelings, in this guide, we will dive into what are the causes of ageing, and how to avoid them. 

How to Stop Raging in Apex Legends

Raging Because you Died Fast?

One of the most common reasons why people start raging in Apex Legends is when they die fast or as soon as they land, Battle Royals are very unpredictable games, in a way where you do not know what weapon you will find, what rank are the players in your lobby, and no matter how good your aim is you cannot hit 100% of your shots, and you cannot control where the bullets will go at 100%, there’s always that small portion of luck, and random into it, so do not feel bad about dying fast, and if you do just ask yourself a simple question: What could I have done better in that situation?, If you ask yourself this question, you will start to focus more on yourself, and improve faster at the game, because you cannot rage at yourself as much as when you rage at things you cannot control like bloom or lag.

Stop Raging While Playing Apex Legends

Yes “It’s only a game, why do you have to be mad” 

The famous meme is true, we all want to be the best player in every game we invest our time into, and we all want to carry games, like our favourite streamers, or pro players, but in the end, it is just a game, these streamers, and pro players have to be the best of the best because it is their job, and if they fall behind no one will watch them or want to hire them, but for you it is different you are playing for fun, so enjoy your game and don’t let it become something else than what it is “a game”.

Taking a Break 

Sometimes when I stop a game such as Apex, League or any other competitive game, then come back to it after a while I find myself playing way better than before and I find much more success in climbing more ranks, and I’ve asked my friends about if it was the same for them and they replied yes, taking a small break from the game can be very beneficial for your mind as it helps clear all that stress you had accumulated over the time from raging, and start as fresh when you come back, the less you worry the more you performance will improve that is why some people that have very stressful jobs tend to practice yoga or meditation, or even just take a few days off work so that they can come back and do better. 

Conclusion to Stop Raging in Apex 

I hope that these three tips will help you rage less and enjoy the game more if you have any extra tips or problems that we didn’t mention here feel free to put them in the comment section I will read them and they might help me improve this article even further, thank you for reading 🙂 


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