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New Pre-Season Rune First Strike in League of Legends



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A new Rune is coming to League of Legends. Belonging to the Inspiration tree, the new Rune called First Strike is coming in pre-season. From what we know already, it will be replacing Omnistone, and the effect from what has been already revealed is very interesting.

Pre-Season Rune First Strike in League of Legends

The First Strike Effect

From what we know, the first-strike rune effect are as follows.

Damaging an enemy champion with an attack or ability before they do, or within 0.25s of the start of combat, grants 5 gold and First Strike for 3 seconds, causing your attacks or abilities to deal 12% bonus damage against all champions, and granting (100% melee / 70% Ranged) of bonus damage dealt as gold. [Source: League of Legends]

What this means, is that champions that can poke and are weak early can now scale faster with the extra gold. How the gold works is only from the bonus damage you deal. For example, Lux’s “E” at level 1 deals about 100 damage with this new rune you will deal 112 damage if you have the 3 seconds bonus and because you are ranged you will gain 8 gold which is 70% of the extra 12 damage, of course, this is only at level 1. The more damage you will deal later the higher the sum of gold you will gain.

In effect, this new rune “First Strike” might not be ideal for you as a specific champion, however, you will end up getting some extra damage, and some extra gold for each time you use this new rune. We will continue to update this article if there is anything else we know about the First Strike Rune!



In conclusion, we hope that this information about the First Strike rune has been helpful, and informative for you! Will you be using the First Strike rune when it comes available? Let us know down in the comments!

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