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How to Successfully 1v1 in CSGO



How to Successfully 1v1 in CSGO

Are you struggling to 1v1 in CSGO? CSGO is an amazing game, and 1v1’s are a big part of this. Whether this be in a 1v1 clutch in competitive, or 1v1 in a Wingman game – 1v1’s are a big part of the game. Today, we take a look at some tips, and how you can be a better 1 on 1 player in CSGO. Let’s jump straight in! 

What is a 1v1

As the name suggests, a 1v1 is when one player goes against another player. In CSGO, there are several other elements that contribute towards a successful 1v1. Is there a time you’re playing against, is there an economy to worry about? 1v1’ing has many attributes that you need to be aware of to make yourself a better player. 

How to 1v1 Better in CSGO (Clutch) 

In CSGO, 1v1’ing is very dependent on everything that is going on. We will set a scenario here. You are on CT, on Inferno, clearing A site – 1 on 1, a bomb planted. You have 25 seconds and you’re currently on Long looking into Pit.  

So, why should you care? 


When you’re playing a 1v1, there should be a lot of concerns going through your head.  

The bomb was planted 10 seconds, ago, which means your enemy can’t be too far away – but could be flanking, although this may be dumb from the enemy. During the 25 seconds you have, you should put in place the following attributes. 

Check your Corners 

When the bomb is down, and you’re against the clock – the T-side will be hidden away. They’re not going to be playing super aggressive, or at least they shouldn’t. On Inferno specifically, A-site has so many angles where a player can hide, and within 10 seconds, an enemy could be in any of those places. 


You will need to have a somewhat snappy aim to be able to check each corner enough, to be able to push onto site by clearing each angle. Once you clear each angle methodically, you can rest assured that you’re narrowing down possible locations for your enemy to be in. 

Be Methodical 

Don’t just run into site, thinking you know where the enemy is. You have to be methodical in the way you do it. A-site on Inferno is big, and pushing as a CT into the site from a retake angle is very tough. Checking corners and each angle is one thing, but being methodical about it is another. 

See where the bomb is planted. What positions would be wise for an enemy to sit, in order to be able to see, or peak the bomb when it’s being defused. This should narrow down your possible locations by nearly half, regardless of where it’s planted. 


If the enemy had done damage to someone, or you have heard them in a specific place – don’t just rush in. They still might not know where you are, but you have the advantage. Don’t tip it back in their favour.  

How to Successfully 1v1 in CSGO

Use Utility 

If you have utility left from the round, make sure you use them as they can be critical for you retaking the site. By learning the site smokes, or even being able to flash and tap the bomb to defuse. Anything that might draw attention or give you enough time to clear angles, defuse bombs or anything of the sort will be crucial to you winning the round. 

Use the Right Weaponry 

If you’re in a 1v1, there is a good chance that your team is gone, and the enemy team. If you’re using a SMG, or an AWP, with an AK or M4 on the ground – you need to pick this up. Retaking a site using weak, or slow weaponry can almost lose the round itself.  


The AWP is slightly different, as if you’re a good shot you can do this, but usually an enemy won’t be running around waiting for you to shoot them. Using an AK or M4 allows you to check your corners and do as much damage as you can in order to have the best chance of winning the round, and maybe even the game. 

How to 1v1 Better in CSGO (Other) 

If you’re not clutching a round as an attacker or defending, then you might be playing wingman or a 1v1 server, which means the above might not be applicable to you. 

To 1v1 in another scenario, the only thing that might help – is be defensive. In any competitive game, you’ve probably come across people who “Camp”. Although camping is very much frowned upon, in games like CSGO you will often see people waiting in angles to ensure that they have the best chance. 

This isn’t necessarily camping, but rather playing smart. There is no point in rushing in to get the kills when you can sit back and wait for the  enemies to do the same. If there is an angle you can hold – you hold that down like you’ve never done before. 



All in all, 1v1’ing in CSGO can be a tough battle to win, but on the whole, you’ve got a 50/50 chance on winning. We hope this guide has helped you sway these odds a little bit, and allow you to win a few more of these duals in the future. 

If you want to check out more content, we have many other articles here on OvrPwr, and we are always posting new content over on us Twitter! Take a look and see what you think. Thanks for reading, let us know in the comments how we did! 

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