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Is CS:GO Down? | Check if CSGO is experiencing Issues!



Is CSGO Down currently? Take a look below to find out if Counter Strike Global Offensive is having any issues:

  • CSGO (*Counter Strike Global Offensive) is not currently experiencing any issues, with any servers, in any regions.

CSGO / Valves Verdict

CSGO being a Valve game, has a lot of players playing it, and a lot of work behind it. With that being said, CSGO does have it’s own status page, and so you can check to see the latest from Valve. We hope our version is no different to this, as we are able to let you know if CSGO is experiencing matchmaking issues.

You can find CSGO Status’ Page Here: SteamStatus

Why CSGO may be Down?

CSGO is one of the biggest multiplayer FPS games out there at the moment, and with this being said, there may be many reasons why CSGO may go down. At OvrPwr, we’ve reviewed a possible list of issues that could be happening over at Valve/CSGO. This includes, but is not limited to;

  • Hardware Failure
  • Software Failover Failure
  • Maintenance (Scheduled and Non-Scheduled)
  • Overload (Buffer overflow)
    • Too many players trying one thing (I.e login/buying an item)
    • Targeted Hack (DoS/DDoS)
  • Steam is Down

CSGO not down but having trouble? (CSGO Issues)

Rest assured that it’s not uncommon for people to have trouble playing or logging into Counter-Strike, even when the servers are 100% up and running fine for all your friends and other players around the world. Some things you can try are as follows;

  • Restart your Game
  • Restart your PC
  • Restart your Router
  • Repair the CSGO Game
  • Re-install the CSGO Game

By doing all of the above, you are eliminating any issues with the game itself, and the issues may reside within your operating system or PC hardware. Make sure you update all your devices including individual hardware components.

If not, you can always contact Steam Support (Valve) who will provide you with a great deal of help with your system to ensure you can get onto the game and play the game to your heart’s content.

Is csgo down?
Image Source: Counter-Strike / ValvE


All in all, we hope that you were able to get yourself back on Counter-Strike (CSGO) if the game was down, or if you were having issues. If not, please let us know down in the comments and we would be happy to try to help you identify your problems with the game!

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