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How to Switch Hands in CSGO



How to Switch Hands in CSGO

Have you ever wanted to switch hands in CSGO? Many of us who play CSGO may get used to the right-handed view model and play with this indefinitely. You may notice that some professional players use their weapons on the other hand, and you may want to do the same. 

Because the vast majority of players are right-handed, the default weapon position in CSGO is in the right hand. Even I personally (who is a leftie) have been using the right hand in CSGO. Switching your hands in CSGO isn’t straightforward as they don’t have these settings with the main settings at the moment. With this being said, the hand-preference is part of the view-model settings, and so can be changed with a few console commands. Let’s jump in and take a look at how to change these settings!

How to enable Developer Console in CSGO to switch hands

How to switch hands to the left-hand preference

Those players who want to use the weapon in the left hand in CSGO, then you may want to permanently set this to be in your left hand. Many people prefer to bind this for different scenarios, but if you want to permanently set your rifle in your left hand, then simply enter the following command.

Cl_righthand 0

By doing so, will disable the right hand, and automatically transition into the left hand. To change this back again, you can simply change the “0” to a “1”. 


How to bind a key to switch hands?

If you prefer to change it up and want to bind a key to change from one hand to the other, then binding this command to a key will be very useful to you. To set a bind toggle to switch hands, simply use the following command:

Bind <KEY> “toggle cl_righthand 0 1”. (Use <KEY> to specify your toggle key).

By enabling this, every time you click the toggle key, you will be toggling between cl_righthand 0 and cl_righthand 1, simply enabling and disabling the right-hand mode. 

How to bind movement keys, to switch hands for dynamic left/right-hand strafing

In some cases, you may want to change the position of your weapon depending on how your moving (left/right). Similar to the above commands, we can bind your movement keys for left and right, to toggle the hand your weapon is in. To do this, simply bind the following:


Bind <MoveLeftKey> “+moveleft; cl_righthand 1”; bind <MoveRightKey> “+moveright; cl_righthand 0”.

Simply change your move left and move right keys in the respective keys and this will move your gun unto your weapon into the opposite hand per the direction you move. If you strafe right, your weapon will be in the left hand and vice versa. 

If you need to reset your config as this has corrupt your config, you should always keep a backup of your config, to re-upload and play with your old config. Valve could also help you with making this change!


In conclusion, you may want to use one of these commands to better your CSGO experience, and we believe that having a toggle is one of the better options to use in your gameplay. Hopefully, these commands have helped you change hands in-game, and enhance your CSGO gaming experience. 

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