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Does Valorant have a Reddit?



Does Valorant have a Reddit

Does Valorant have a Reddit Page? Here at OvrPwr, we answer the questions and provide the links to the Official Valorant Reddit page so you can chat and discuss all things Valorant. Let’s jump straight into it.

Does Valorant have a Reddit?

Yes! Valorant is a massive game, and just like RIOT Games’ other games, they all have their individual Reddit pages. Valorant is no different to this. You can find Valorant’s official Reddit page over at /r/VALORANT.

How many users are on the Valorant Reddit?

At the time of writing, /r/VALORANT has just over 1.125 MILLION readers over on their Reddit pages. At any one time, the Valorant subreddit has around 3,000 people online and is active.

What are some other popular Valorant Reddit Pages?

As you can tell from the staggering numbers over on the official Valorant Reddit page, there is bound to be some other great reddit pages that you can use and follow. Here are a list of some other subreddits that we think you should follow if you’re a big fan of Valorant!


Valorant Competitive – A place for Competitive Valorant Players

If you’re into Valorant enough to watch, or even participate in competitive Valorant, then this subreddit may be for you. Found over at /r/ValorantCompetitive – this subreddit is great for all things competitive and esports. You will find people who like to talk, and discuss (as well as show off) their best plays. Head over and take a look at it!

Valorant LFG – A place to find yourself a Team/Teammate

If you’re struggling to find anyone to play with, or are in another level to your friends – then you may be looking for a new team or teammate. Valorant LFG (Looking for Game) is another great subreddit to be a part of. You can find it over on /r/Valorant_LFG and we’re sure you won’t regret keeping your eyes on it!

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All in all, Valorant does indeed have a Reddit / Subreddit and we hope you were able to find it easily! Let us know down in the comments what Reddit communities you want to see in the Valorant sector, and if we helped you find it!

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