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How to fix VAC was Unable to Verify your Game Session in 2021



How to fix VAC was Unable to Verify your Game Session in 2021

There’s no question that CSGO and VAC don’t always go hand in hand. In some cases, you may end up getting a few errors that might worry you. You may stumble across an error “VAC was unable to verify your game session” and this might cause you concern. Rest assured, this is a common VAC issue with many legitimate CSGO players, and today we’ll get this fixed for you!  

Fixing the “VAC was unable to verify your game session” error is quite straightforward, but you might need to be patient as it may take 5-15 minutes to resolve. Let’s take a look at some fixes that will work to take the error away, and allow you to play more CSGO.  

Matchmaking Failed - VAC was unable to verify your game session

Verify your Game Files  to fix VAC Issues

If VAC was unable to verify your game session, Valve recommends checking your game files to ensure that no files are corrupted, broken, or missing that might bring up this error. Checking your game files is super easy through Steam, and will take usually less than 5 minutes to complete. To do this;  

  1. Head over to Steam, and find ‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’ in your Steam Library.   
  1. Right-click on CSGO, and head to ‘Properties’.  
  1. In ‘Properties’, switch to the ‘Local Files’ tab on the top and press ‘Verify Integrity of Game Files.  
  1. In turn, this will run through all your game files automatically and fix any corrupt or missing files for you.  

Once this has been completed, regardless of what the result is, try re-launch your game and try play again.  

If not, continue to the next step.  

Restart Steam / Your PC / Router  

We’ve combined these two into one instruction. Restarting Steam can often fix this solution, but we recommend restarting your PC as this will shut down steam correctly, and any related services that might be holding that error in cache for you.   


Restarting your PC will not only help with this error, but might help with the performance of the game too, it would just be an inconvenience, but worth a try if verifying your game files doesn’t fix the “VAC was unable to verify your game session”.   

Another solution that has helped some people is simply restarting your router also. Although in some cases your router won’t solve it, it’s always worth trying to restart this to ensure you’re covering all your angles.   

Change your Firewall or Antivirus Settings for VAC Issues  

In some cases, depending on your firewall or anti-virus settings, it may be preventing VAC from communicating with Valve to verify you’re not cheating. In your AV, you should be able to allow or “whitelist” access to specific applications. Make sure Steam and Counter-Strike are in here with no restrictions and this should clear up the issue if you’re still having them.  

Last Resort Cases  

If the worst comes to it, you may need to re-install your game. Reinstalling your game will not only clear up and restore any files that might be corrupt but will clear up the CSGO side of things. If a full re-installation of CSGO does not fix this for you, then you may need to contact Steam about the issues and they should ask for logs of your PC, and offer further assistance to resolving this issue.   



All in all, you may get concerned about this error if you see it out of the blue, but you shouldn’t worry. Following through this guide should and hopefully has resolved your VAC issues, but in the case you still getting this issue – don’t hesitate to contact Steam as they will get logs from your system and find a specific fault and help you resolve it! Did this work for you? Let us know in the comments below!   

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