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How To Play Apex Legends on Nintendo Switch for Free



How To Play Apex Legends on Nintendo Switch for Free

Apex Legends is a very fun game and has many new features that were added to it since its initial release, between new characters, maps, features and regular seasonal content there’s also the possibility to test all that and more in your Nintendo Switch for free and here’s how… 

Log into your Account 

First off, you need to log into your account. It can be any account you have it doesn’t matter because the game is free. To create an account, simply head over to the Nintendo Website and or sign up on your Switch for convenience! 

Finding the Game, Apex Legends on Nintendo Switch

To find the game go into recent releases if it is not there click on the search bar and type Apex Legends. If you don’t already have the game, you can head over to the store and find “Apex Legends”, which is usually trending so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding it!  

Download the Game to get Apex Legends on Nintendo Switch

Once you have found the game click on Download and you will get a pop up for the terms of service that you can just skip and all you need to do now is wait for the game to finish downloading it is a fairly big game so if your internet is slow you might need to wait a long time. 


After the game has downloaded and installed, you can launch the game and start playing. You may want to hop into the Training ground to start with to get used to the game, both for experienced players and new players alike! 

apex legends on nintendo switch free


We hope this guide has helped you get started on Apex Legends for the Nintendo Switch. We have several more Apex Legends guides and news going on here at OvrPwr, so be sure to take a look around and be sure to come back every day for new intel! 

Let us know in the comments if this guide has helped you, or if you have any feedback for us to see if we can improve or write new articles for you!  

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