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Valorant Ascent Callouts



Valorant Ascent Callouts

These are some Callouts you’ll need for Valorant Ascent Map Credit to u/HighTyhd, An open playground for small wars of position and attrition divide two sites on Ascent. Each site can be fortified by irreversible bomb doors; once they’re down, you’ll have to destroy them or find another way. Yield as little territory as possible. Ascent Ascent

A Spawn

Going South

  • A Lobby: Going down towards A Site
  • Orb: Where you find the skill orb in A Lobby
  • Winery: Hiding place on the left before entering A Site
  • Switch: The place where you click to close the doors in A Site
  • Generator: The black machine looking thing next the closing doors in A Site
  • Double Stack: The tall box in A Site
  • Heaven: The area above A Site where defenders usually stand
  • Hell: The area under Heaven in A Site

Going Mid

  • Top Mid: Famous sniping area from Attacker’s side above the stairs
  • Cat Walk: the long corridor next to the stairs leading next to the fountain
  • Fountain: Dangerous sniping area with the fountain in the middle
  • Dog: When you’re walking Cat Walk and you go right towards A Site there a hiding place with a dog on the wall
  • Garden: The area with closing doors
  • Glass: The window you can bread above Garden to back door defenders on A Site or towards CT Spawn

Goin North

  • B Main: The Lobby area when you’re going up from A Spawn
  • Orb: The Skill orb in B Main Corridors
  • B Lane: when you come out of the Orb corridor turn directly on your left and walk that outer corridor
  • Stairs: The stairs in the B Site
  • Default: The 3 boxes in the middle of B Site
  • Double Stack : the double boxes on top of each other in B Site
  • Back Site: The hiding room in B Site


From Fountain

  • Right or Left Mid: the hiding areas behind the walls leading to CT Spawn
  • Pizza: The Cubby with a pizza shop
  • Market: The small room in front of the pizzeria

Some alternate callouts that are also very popular include:

  • Window Room instead of White Room
  • Bracket instead of A Long Cubby
  • Trellis instead of Lights
  • Book Store instead of Library
  • B Connector instead of Mid Connector
  • Mid Connector instead of Defender Connector
  • Tiles instead of Mid Connector
  • Double Doors instead of Mid Connector
  • Boathouse instead of Back Site (B)
  • Subroza instead of Library
  • Balcony instead of Door Plat (B)
  • Hell (Under Heaven)


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