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How to get FREE Apex Coins in 2021



How to get Free APEX Coins FAST in 2021

Ever struggled to get free Apex coins? Don’t worry, we know a few people who have been in the same boat! Although one of the cheapest currencies in major games, we know many people are still unable to afford the cost for the crates! Today, we take a look at how you can get free Apex Legends Coins in 2021. 

Before we get into this guide, be sure to be careful and keep your eyes open for any scams you may come across. Scams are quite frequent in the gaming space, and with Apex Legends not having an open-platform trading system, you may want to be careful of giving account information or payment details to any other site other than Apex Legends (Origin/EA). Keep this in mind!  

Use Offer walls (Complete Tasks, Surveys, Watch Videos, and Play Games for FREE Apex Coins!) 

Many users around the world and in many cases, people who play Apex Legends usually have some spare time between games and in general on some weekends. One way that many users have earned quite a few free Apex coins is by completing offers on websites such as Idle-Empire. 

In short, these websites offer you a place to complete surveys, download and play games, watch videos and complete small offers to earn a balance, which can be spent on Apex coins. Therefore, if you’ve got some spare time to burn, you could be completing these kinds of offers to get yourself some free Apex coins. 


One site we love to use is Idle-Empire. Idle-Empire is a platform for all gamers, hustlers and others alike where you can complete offers and surveys, on top of other means to gain free PayPal, Crypto, and more importantly free Apex Coins. We highly recommend Idle-Empire for Apex Coins, as you can get them within hours!  

Take a look at Idle-Empire today, by clicking the banner below or visiting 

Earn Free Apex Coins in Apex Legends

Participate in Giveaways 

Many brands, companies and influencers love to do giveaways to promote themselves on social media. As this is a major way of promoting themselves, you can best believe that there are many giveaways ready and waiting for you to participate in!  

Although these giveaways are not the best way to gain Apex coins fast and guaranteed, but for the sake of a few retweets and follows – you are giving yourself the best chance to get all the Apex coins you can imagine!  

The best place for giveaways is usually over on Twitter, if you search in Apex Legends, or Apex Coin giveaways you can be sure to find a few influencers or brands (such as ourselves!) promoting giveaways for free Apex Coins. This is an amazing place to get some free Apex coins if you want to try your luck!  


OvrPwr Twitter | Twitter Search for “Apex Giveaways 

Earn Respect from Viewers/Players

As we only have a few options here, there are not many ways you can get the free Apex Legend Coins as we promised. However, if you’re willing to put the time in and really want to get some Apex Coins, streaming either on Twitch or YouTube can help you get free Apex Legend Coins. 

By streaming (and allowing donations), you can build up enough to get some free Apex Coins, and this will help you buy the boxes and entertain your audience even further. You could even have some friends or family that could buy you some free Apex Coins too, which might make you even better off!  

There is no harm in trying or asking family members and friends, so why not give it a go and see if anyone is willing to help, otherwise build yourself an audience and see if they can help you get those famous Apex coins.  


**Bonus** Buy the Battle Pass for Free Apex Coins

But OvrPwr, you said FREEEEE! Yes. Yes, we did. Apex Legends just like every other battle royale has a battle pass. And although the Battle pass isn’t free, you can build up enough points on a site like and then purchase the Battle Pass.  

In Apex, you can buy the pass and earn more points back just by playing the game, and you can do this every time the pass comes around. This will give you essentially infinite Apex Coins if you put the time in, however you will need to put a lot of time into the game but we know it’ll be worth it!  

Free Apex Coins through the Battlepass in Apex Legends


When you consider all of the above, Apex Legends is quite a locked-down ecosystem that many people struggle to contend with. When buying Apex Legends Coins (Apex Coins), you don’t always have to shed out money from your wallet. Be sure to read through the guide, and give each one of these a go to see if you can get yourself some free apex coins in 2021! 

If this article helped you, be sure to leave us a comment on how you make free Apex Coins, and let us know if this helped! Be sure to check out our Twitter too for giveaways, because who doesn’t like free stuff? 

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