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How to buy Prepaid Gift Cards in Valorant 2021



How to buy Prepaid Gift Cards in Valorant 2021

Do you want a Gift Card in Valorant? Many people are now resorting to gifting prepaid gift cards in Valorant to their friends both physically and with digital codes. Many people however don’t know how to buy these Prepaid gift cards in Valorant – and in some cases, some people don’t know how to redeem them either.  

In today’s guide, we take a look at how you can buy, where to buy, and how to redeem and send your prepaid gift cards for Valorant in 2021. Our guide only uses trusted sites, so be sure to let us know in the comments if you have issues with anything in our guide! 

How to buy Prepaid Gift Cards (VP Cards) in Valorant 

There are a number of ways you can buy a prepaid gift card (or VP cards) in Valorant. The places where you can buy them are covered below, however in this section we’ll look at how you can buy them. 

In most cases, you will want to buy an online VP card to give to your receiver. By doing so, you have the most options for payment and can be sent anywhere in the world almost instantly. However, do make sure you buy the right “Region” as Valorant still deploys a “region-area based system” for their players. Meaning if your receiver is in the EUW, you will need to get an EUW card (any currency will work, it will convert accordingly, just in the region area base). 


When you buy online, you can usually pay with PayPal, Debit/Credit Card, bank transfer and even cryptocurrency. These alone may sway you to buy a VP gift card online to send to a friend or relative.  

You can also buy in-stores in your area – as most major supermarkets will stock Valorant VP cards (now currency cards) for Valorant. We will also look at Amazon which provides an online and physical means of getting VP / Currency cards for Valorant. 

Where to buy Prepaid Gift Card (VP Cards) for Valorant 

To buy a prepaid gift card, or an VP card for Valorant, there are several places you can buy. 

For the most part, third-party online sites such as and are amazing places to buy your prepaid gift cards. Amazon will charge you the value of the item (I.e if you buy a $10/£10 gift card, you will pay $10/£10.) However, sites like Gamivo which we’ve used to buy thousands of dollars’ worth of points – you will get a slight discount. 


You can check out Gamivo here, and be sure to check out the discounts that you might be able to get just from purchasing from here. Gamivo also accept payments in PayPal, all major debit and credit cards as well as bank transfer and some crypto currencies.  

You can also buy in major supermarkets, such as Walmart, Asda, Morrisons, Tesco, Target and more. Depending on your country, most major supermarkets will stock some kind of Valorant VP card or currency card that can be used in your game area region.  

How to redeem Prepaid Gift Cards (VP Cards) in Valorant 

Redeeming your prepaid gift card or VP in Valorant is super easy to do, and will usually take you less than 30 seconds. If you bought online, you should already have a code that looks a little like this: 



We have already used this code – but the code you get may look a little like this. When you get a physical code, you will get a similar code but may not include the REP part. Regardless, to redeem your prepaid gift card – simply head over to your Valorant client and head over to the “Purchase VP” section, and scroll to the bottom of payment options till you find “Redeem Code / Prepaid Code”.  

How to buy Prepaid Gift Cards in Valorant 2021

Then, simply enter your code and redeem! (This will redeem on the account that is signed in – make sure you send it to your receiver for them to do on their own account).   

Why would you buy Gift Cards (VP Cards) in Valorant? 

There is no specific reason why you may or may not want to buy VP cards for Valorant, but there are some benefits to doing so, and gifting these cards instead of using the Gifting Center that is built into Valorant. 

For a start, Valorant has hundreds of items that people will want to buy. By buying a prepaid gift card, you can send this to any receiver in any specific game-based area for them to buy any items they want. In many countries, payment options are very limited and buying VP directly is not possible, so buying a card can be a great way to treat friends.  

Not only this, but when you purchase through Valorant, you are paying full price and you may even be liable for additional fees on card processing transactions, whereas buying a digital code (or prepaid VP card for Valorant) will take those fees away and allow you to give the VP to anyone you like, in any country around the world (area permitting again).  



In conclusion, whether or not you decide to buy yourself or someone else a pre-paid gift card in Valorant, is up to you! But we strongly believe that VP cards are the best way to gift someone or help someone who needs some fresh Valorant Items. 

Hopefully, this guide has helped you figure out both how, and where to buy these codes as well as redeeming them and why you may want to use prepaid codes over the traditional methods through the Valorant client itself.  

Let us know in the comments if you have any other ways, you can use Prepaid VP cards, and let us know if you want any other Valorant content uploaded to OvrPwr! We’re always looking for new content ideas so why not make a suggestion either here or on our Twitter

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