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How to Stop Raging While Playing Fortnite



How to Stop Raging while Playing fortnite

Fortnite is a very popular game because of how dynamic, and competitive it is. Winning a build fight can be very satisfying, with all the adrenaline you might get addicted to that feeling, which will cause you to start raging if you lose a game or just get downed, in this guide I will give you 3 tips that will help you to stop raging in Fortnite.  

How to Stop Raging while playing fortnite

Having the right mindset before clicking Play in Fortnite  

When you start a game with the right mindset, for example, I am going to play for fun, or I am going to improve my aiming skills or building skills today, if you think of things such as this you will, first of all, improve at the game much faster, have more fun in the game and most importantly rage less, because the focus is to work on yourself knowing that you are not the best player out there and that you need improvement will make you feel much better if you get downed or lose a game because in that case, you will tell yourself that oh well next game I will do better, instead of man this player is bad and he still managed to kill me this game is awful..and so on. 

Ensure that you have the right settings  

One of the most frustrating things is when you don’t have the right game settings which will cause you to lag and hate your life, make sure to lower all your setting disable shadows and anti-aliasing this will make the game run faster and cause you to lag less which will make you win more fight, also having the right sensitivity is very important you don’t want to be uncomfortable aiming you want it to be as natural as possible because if you are uncomfortable that discomfort will be transformed into stress, which will come out as rage.  

Taking a break will help you rage less  

From time to time, taking a break can be very beneficial for your health, if you find yourself very addicted to the game, and that every game feels like you’re playing with your life on the line, take a break, have something to eat, come back after a few hours or days, you will find yourself better at the game, and your brain will reset from all that sickening bad energy.   

Conclusion on Raging in Fortnite 

Trying to be the best at something is a very relatable thing for all of us humans but this shouldn’t make us seem like the worst person out there, games are there for people to have fun and destress after a long day at school or work, don’t make it into another life struggle.  


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