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What are Heirlooms in Apex Legends?



What are Heirlooms

Just look at those Heirlooms in Apex… but what are they? This article will talk about what are Heirlooms, how to get them and a tier list of in my opinion the best heirlooms animation-wise, looks and sounds. Today – we take a look at all of this in one amazingly compact guide on Apex Legends Heirlooms. Let’s jump straight in! 

What Are Heirlooms?

Heirlooms in Apex Legends are cosmetics for your character that look very cool, and add various features to your character such as banner poses, intro quips, inspect animations, third-person animations, and other secret animations and unlike character skins, Heirlooms can be seen by you when you holster your weapon, to make a simple comparison it’s like a pickaxe skin in Fortnite or a knife skin in CSGO or Valorant.

The game developers are constantly adding new Heirlooms to Apex Legends, giving players many choices when it comes to choosing one that they like.

How to Get Heirlooms in Apex Legends

Heirloom Shards are the currency used to purchased Heirlooms from the Heirloom Store, but to get these, you’ll first need to open some Apex Packs. Which can be obtained from levelling up, ranking up the battle pass, and purchasing them with the game’s premium currency (Apex Coins). 


According to the Apex Legends official FAQ, every Apex Pack has less than a 1% chance of dropping 150 Heirloom Shards. As of writing, this is currently the only way you can obtain Heirloom Shards. Apex Legends Heirlooms cost 150 Heirloom Shards to craft, so you’ll need to either get incredibly lucky or open up a lot of loot boxes. However, the Anniversary Collection Event has reduced the crafting cost by 50% temporarily.

Our Tier List of Heirlooms in Apex Legends

Heirlooms Tier List in Apex Legends

Our S-TIER Heirlooms

In the S tier, I chose to put Wraith’s Heirloom and Bangalore’s Heirloom because I very much like the animation of the flip of Wraith’s Kunai and I think it suits her character theme very well, and I also love the sound effects Bangalore’s Knife makes and the slash animation.

Wraith’s Heirloom

  • Banner Pose: Fearless
  • Melee Weapon Skin: A Kunai that is imbued with blue energy. 
  • Intro Quip: “You know what I look like – come find me.”
Wraiths Heirloom in Apex Legends

Bangalore’s Heirloom

  • Banner Pose: No Gun, No Problem
  • Melee Weapon Skin: Cold Steel
  • Intro Quip: “Hope you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty”
Bangalore Heirloom in Apex Legends

Our A-TIER Heirlooms

In this tier, I chose to Put Octane’s Heirloom because I love how it switches from a knife into a syringe and I like how small it is and doesn’t bother your field of vision.

Octane’s Heirloom

  • Banner Pose: Spin and Flick
  • Melee weapon skin: A butterfly knife that is filled with green liquid. 
  • Intro Quip: “Run fast. Hit fast. Win fast.”
Heirlooms for Octane in Apex Legends

Our B-TIER Heirlooms

This tier is very debatable because I think people that like playing these characters will put these Heirlooms on a higher tier but in my opinion, this is where I would put Bloodhound, Caustic and Gibraltar’s Heirloom the animations are very good but I don’t like axes and maces I prefer small knives so, in the end, it comes down to personal preference.

Bloodhound’s Heirloom

  • Banner Pose: Glory Hound
  • Melee Weapon Skin: An axe with raven detailing and a glowing red edge.
  • Intro Quip: “I honour those who’ve risen, not those who’ve fallen.”
Bloodhound Heirlooms Apex Legends

Gibraltar’s Heirloom

  • Banner Pose: Like a Rock
  • Melee weapon skin: A hatchet that is shrouded in flames. 
  • Intro Quip: “When this is over, you’ll all know the name ‘Gibraltar.”
Gibraltar Heirlooms Apex Legends

Caustic’s Heirloom

  • Banner Pose: Hammer Time
  • Melee weapon skin: A hammer with a skull at the back equipped with Nox gas.
  • Intro Quip: “I look forward to getting my hands on you.”
Caustic Heirlooms Apex Legends

Our C-TIER Heirlooms

I put Lifeline’s Heirloom in C tier because I think it’s boring the only good thing in it in my opinion is that it can spin them like drums sticks but that’s all.

Lifeline’s Heirloom

  • Banner Pose: Shock Sticks
  • Melee Weapon Skin: A pair of defibrillator drumsticks.
  • Intro Quip: “Check yo self – or wreck yo self. (laugh)” 
Lifeline Heirlooms Apex Legends

Our F-TIER Heirlooms

In this Tier, I put Pathfinder and Mirage’s Heirloom both great characters but their heirlooms are trash Pathfinder’s Heirloom are a pair of boxing gloves so big that you can’t see anything in front of you and Mirage’s Heirloom well it’s just boring nothing to it but that’s just my opinion.

Pathfinder’s Heirloom

  • Banner Pose: Lights Out
  • Melee Weapon Skin: A pair of blue boxing gloves with a mini screen attached to them.
  • Kill Quip: “Did you see how great I was? I did all kinds of really amazing moves… are you listening?”
Pathfinder Heirloom Apex Legends

Mirage’s Heirloom

  • Banner Pose: You Really Love Me
  • Melee weapon skin: A golden trophy of Mirage himself for “Best Competitor in a Battle Royale – Based on skill, but mostly looks”.
  • Intro Quip: “Excited to see you all in the ring. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of me’s to go around.”
Mirage Heirlooms Apex Legends


In conclusion, there are several amazing heirlooms in the game already and we’re sure that EA will add more to it in the future! I hope you enjoyed this article about all things Heirlooms and we will continue to update this when more are added!

Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and be sure to keep an eye on our other Apex Legends news, guides, tips and tricks in the near future!

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