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What is Energy Recharge in Genshin Impact?



Energy Recharge Guide Genshin

Energy is the power required to cast your Elemental Burst ability (Q) in Genshin Impact. The amount needed varies from one character to another. Today, we take a look at what Energy Recharge is in Genshin Impact, and what characters need what!

Energy Recharge

Energy Recharge is a stat you can find in your artefacts main and sub stats. In your weapon’s main and sub effect, and in some characters constellations. In short, all this stat does is help the speed at which your Energy recovers.

For example, if you would normally wait 2 minutes for your Zhongli’s (Q) to come back, you could give him a weapon that has energy recharge. Some artefacts with energy recharge then that 2 minutes can become 30 seconds or less, which is an easy way to recharge your energy.

Energy Recharge is a good stat to have on not only supports but some DPS characters that have a high energy requirement elemental burst. With this being said, you will lose on damage stats if you only build energy recharge on a DPS.


That is why you have to sacrifice some of this stat to get other stats that you need in said character, like Crit Rate, and Crit Damage that is more important for DPS characters.

If you are wondering when or when not to use Energy Recharge just think of it this way, if you feel that your character does most of his damage from Elemental Burst (Q) and it is taking too much time for you to come back, then you should build some Energy Recharge.

However, there is also another way to solve that problem and that is to put a battery for that DPS of yours.

Energy Recharge in Genshin Impact
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For example, if we take Beidou, a character that has a high energy Elemental Burst (Q). If you do not want to sacrifice damage to get her to use her(Q) more often than not, what you can do is put another character of the same element in this case (Electro) in the team.

That character will only be used to quickly swap, cast his Elemental Skill (E) then swap back to your main DPS. What this does is that some characters’ Elemental Skills (E) produce elemental particles.


It’s worth mentioning to be careful not to swap into a character in which you do not need that energy and waste it on him, as this requires a bit more experience in the game to pull off but it is not very hard to do.


All in all, we hope that you were able to learn more about energy recharge in Genshin Impact, but if not, let us know down in the comments on your feedback and suggestions! What do you

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