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New Genshin Impact Coupons and Event



New Genshin Impact Coupons and Event

Free Redeem Code Event

If you have Amazon Prime Gaming you will be able to redeem another code this month which will give you 20k Mora, x8 Mystic Enhancement Ore, and x1 Original Resin.

Further more there is another Redeem Code which you can claim from any official Genshin Impact streamer, if you click on the little chest next to Paimon you will get a code which you will need to fill in-game to receive 60 Primo Gems, Note you will need to hurry and claim this code because it doesn’t last for a long time.

Event HoYoLAB x Prime Gaming

Event Duration (UTC+8)

August 12, 2021 00:00 – August 17, 2021 23:59

Results: The list of winners will be updated in this event post on August 24.

How to Participate


During the event, comment on this post to tell us your happy moments or memories in the game or in real life, and you will be considered a successful participant.

Event Rewards

Primogems ×100 (60 winners)

We will randomly select 60 Travelers who successfully participated in the event to receive prizes~



1. Your comment will not be entered into the prize draw if the content does not relate to the event.

2. Each Traveler is only eligible to receive one prize. Replying to a comment on the post (instead of commenting directly to the post itself) or creating a new post (instead of commenting on this post) are not considered valid entries, and repeated comments are only counted once.

3. Go to Account Info > Redemption Information to fill in your Genshin Impact UID to claim the prize. When the winners are announced, a notification will appear in the Messages column. Please take note~


Tower Defense Event

In this Event you will have towers which you can place on the map to slow down and deal damage to the enemies that spawn from different portals, here’s a guide if you’re struggling to finish some levels.

  1. The shatter effect, which is where you use a claymore character and hit a frozen character. This damage still applies to enemies. Although the damage may not be exactly the highest right now, sitting somewhere for me doing 600-1.2K dmg per shatter it still does enough to add on dps.
  2. Pyro towers are broken as hell, so are hydro towers. The little mage hilichurls run really fast and can outrun most of the towers in the game, so the frozen affect can be super useful. You can run Barbara, Chongyun, Kaeya or Xingqiu. These small little hilichurls can run past your pyro towers, so I recommend Hydro towers because they do AOE damage surrounding, and maybe cryo towers.
  3. I beat every single event using Cryo, Hydro and Pyro towers. I usually started with pyro and hydro down first, elemental reactions are very important. When enemies or the small hilichurls ran by, I used freeze to slow them down, or I just used a swords charged attack to push them back into range of enemies
  4. Theres a lot of cheese, and running specific characters for specific elemental reactions is extremely crucial when you start off, as in the first difficulty there are abyss mages that spawn and you’ll need pyro to deal with the shields.
  5. Apparently Geo constructs work – GEO MC or if you have anemo characters you can throw back enemies, overload could work too as it staggers certain enemies.
  6. BEWARE OF THE SAMACHURLS (Small little mage hilichurls). They run super fast, and can outrun most of the towers. You can counter this with a frozen reaction, or if you have enough DPS in a straight chokepoint. Hydro towers and cryo towers do the best. Try your best to stagger them and hit them because when you do they stop running and you can pick them off easily.
  7. I just tried out all the towers and here are some notes:You can use hydro and electro towers as really high DPS. Frozen is a good reaction. However, in dealing with Samachurls (the small fast mages) electro charged with the electro and hydro towers will be the best, as the electro towers DPS is somewhat AOE and is also instant. Keeping pyro towers in the back or at a range can also be good, as they do the most damage, but its just the slowest.
  8. There is a limit to the Venificius sigils, which is the currency used to upgrade towers in the armory. The limit to my knowledge right now is 900.

Source: Tips for the new Tower Defense gamemode : Genshin_Impact (


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