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Spiral Abyss Tier List 2.0



Spiral Abyss Tier List 2.0

Most Valuable Characters Tier List – Floor 12

A character should credit its teammates. Inspired by Google website ranking, we adopt the concept of “Link Equity”. Each character has “Usage Rate Ranking” as its initial score, then passes value and authority to its teammates. The more votes a character receives from others, the higher its ranking becomes in the Tier List.

Zhongli is ranked first in every Tier List for the abyss except for EU and NA region where he is ranked 2nd, but the reason is because Zhongli is used more as a support and he makes the game easier he helps to protect your main DPS, and can be also used as a swap burst with his ultimate, more advanced players will not need or benefit from Zhongli as much as a newer player would benefit from him.

On the Other hand Kazuha is ranked Second on almost every region which does not come as a surprise, as he can be fit into every team, and he is extremely over-powered in Abyss

Character Usage Rate Tier List

Source: Genshin Impact Spiral Abyss: Floor 12 Guide (


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