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Genshin Impact Beginner Tips



Genshin Impact Beginner Tips

Here are 3 important Tips for new Genshin Impact Players that they definitely need to have a smooth progression. note that these are just tips to make your adventure as optimized and smooth as possible, but you can play the game however you enjoy it.

Tip Num 1: Gather Everything on your way

Resources are very important in Genshin Impact you might neglect them early on but later on, they will be very important for your progression, instead of waiting until you need them to go farm them having them ready in your inventory is better, and they take no space or weight so do not worry just Gather, Gather, Gather.

Tip Num 2: Do not waste your Original Resin

Original Resin is the most important resource in Genshin Impact, and early on it is easy to waste them on early content such as Domains, and Ley Line Blossoms, which do not reward you with anything useful so it is better to farm these when you are above AR 45, instead you should be using your Original Resin on Elemental Bosses, which give you useful resources that will help you ascend your characters.
Fragile Resin or Transient Resin can be used to replenish 60 Original Resin but it is advised to save them for higher-end content to min-max their use.

Tip Num 3: Find all Anemoculus and Geoculus

Anemoculus, Geoculus and Electroculus are used as gifts to their respective statues of the seven in order to gain more stamina, to find then use the Genshin Impact Interactive Map which will help you find all their locations getting them early will help you fight, climb, run, and swim for a longer period of time.


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