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How to Solve the Luhua Pool Fire Puzzle in Genshin Impact



Luhua Pool Fire Puzzle Genshin

The Luhua puzzle unlocks a domain with two levels that each reward 40 Primogems for their first clear in addition to Geo Keys. Unlocking this puzzle however to redeem the rewards, can come as quite difficult to start with. Today, we take a look at how you can solve the Luhua Pool Fire Puzzle quickly.

How to Solve the Luhua Pool Fire Puzzle

As the name suggests, the puzzle is in Luhua Pool. Once you arrive there you will find some pillars that are still standing, and others that are broken. You will need to focus on the pillars that are still standing and ignore the broken ones for now. To do this, we will shoot the middle, then the left one then finally the right one, without moving from our start position.

Luhua Pool Fire Puzzle Location
Map Location of the Luhua Pool (Image Source: OvrPwr)
Luhua Pool Fire Puzzle Start
Image Source: OvrPwr

Once you’re at the above stage, where you can press Start on the shrine, you should do so. Below is the order you should go about enlightening the flame posts, as you only need to use 3 arrows. Please note, you can use Klee, by standing in the middle and activating all of them, but for the most part – using Amber is the easiest.

Luhua Main Pillar
Image Source: OvrPwr

To start with, once you press “Start”, simply shoot the pillar, directly ahead of you. This is the one with the largest overhang from the concrete pillar.

Luhua Right Pillar
Image Source: OvrPwr

Then, shoot the fire pillar to the right of the one you just shot, just like in the above image.

Genshin Impact Pool
Image Source: OvrPwr

And finally, shoot the pillar on the left of the centre pillar. This will be the last one you need to shoot using Amber, as it should open up the floor for you to drop down to the Domain entrance.

Genshin Impact Domain Entrance
Image Source: OvrPwr

Now, you can fly down to the Domain entrance and reap the rewards from this Domain. To get back out of the domain, you may climb the walls, however, there is an easier way. Please see below for the easier way to get out of the puzzle hole.

How to Escape Luhua Pool Puzzle Hole
Image Source: OvrPwr

To get back out of the Domain hole, where you opened for the Puzzle, simply head to the middle stele and wait for a few moments, whilst the upwind spawns for you to jump out, simply jump and you can jump right on out of there.


All in all, we hope that this guide has helped you unlock the Luhua Pool puzzle and get some of those nice quest rewards. This is not a simple one to understand and an leave you guessing on how to get in quite often, but hopefully this has helped!

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