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Tartaglia Childe Genshin Impact Build Guide



Tartaglia Childe Genshin Build

Tartaglia Childe is a newer character in Genshin Impact. A lot of people have issues with his builds, but if you want Childe, but you are not sure about him check this guide you might come to an answer you are satisfied with.

What is Childe?

Childe is not a Hyper Carry. Of course, he can be one, but it is not the main role he was designed for, so do you need a Main DPS? If the answer is yes then Childe is not the greatest first character for you, instead, you should wait to get your first main DPS built, then go for Tartaglia.

Tartaglia is an Enabler, what this means is that he will be on the field to apply elemental reactions only, something like support but not quite, because he will still be in the field doing some damage with the help of your Main DPS ability which will help him deal alot of damage, and example would be Xiangling as the Main DPS activating her Elemental Burst, then switch to Childe for him to apply Constant Vaporize with his Hydro Auto attacks and then go back when his ability is on cooldown.

Tartaglia Childe Genshin Build in Genshin Impact
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Rotation of Skills for Tartaglia Childe

It is recommended to do your Skill Rotation in less than 10 seconds, the longer your Elemental Skill (E) is activated, the longer it will take for the cooldown to come back, in C0 you are recommended to stay for 9 seconds in his (E) for it to come back in 15 seconds.

You should almost always use your Elemental Burst (Q) in the bow form, because even though it deals less damage in the bow form, it will give you 20 Energy back, which will allow your ultimate to be ready for the next rotation, and thus gain more DPS, and it will allow you to play with less energy recharge on your Artifacts and invest more stats into damage.


The only time you would want to use your Elemental Burst (Q) in Dagger form is when you only want to do one rotation and you are sure to finish the monster you are fighting, it is because the animation of the Spear Ultimate is longer than the Bow one and will eat at your (E) cooldown for longer thus making your rotation slower.


  • C1 makes you gain from 0% to 9% Damage if you are very good.
  • C2 Does not give you any more DPS.
  • C3 will increase your DPS by 18%.
  • C4 Makes you lose DPS in some cases and some other cases makes you gain 8% DPS.
  • C5 Will boost the DPS of your Ultimate by 5%.
  • C6 is not needed as it works only on Spear Ultimate which is not used for the skill rotation.


Weapons Tier List

Note: All Weapons are refinement 5.


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