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What happens on your Genshin Birthday?



Your Genshin Birthday Gift

Is it that time of year again? Every year on your Birthday, you will get a set gift on Genshin Impact! Be sure to make sure to log in to claim it, and if you haven’t set your birthday yet, today – we take a look at how you can do this! Let’s jump straight in!

How to Set your Birthday on Genshin Impact

  • Open the Paimon Menu by Clicking ESC on PC. (This is different on iOS,Android, etc.)
  • To the right of your Name you will see a Pen (Edit) click on it.
  • You will then see select edit birthday.
  • Be careful you can only select your birthday once and it cannot be re-edited.
  • After you have selected your Birthday you are now done with this step.
Genshin Impact Birthday
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The Rewards you get on your Birthday

On your Birthday you will get a reward sent to your linked email. Make sure to log in that day and claim it! In the email, you will get a Cake called “Cake for Traveler”. This is a consumable item but it doesn’t disappear when you consume it. When you consume it, it will stay in your inventory forever as a souvenir.

When you consume the Cake, you will get a Fragile Resin which will give you x60 Original Resin when you are in need to refresh. We think this is pretty helpful!

Why Do you Get Rewards on your Genshin Birthday?

Well, we’re not too sure. There could be a wide range of reasons that you receive your rewards on your Genshin Birthday. We believe it’s because the developers of Genshin care about you as a player, and want you to enjoy your special day!

Couldn’t you just set your Birthday?

Many users have tried to change their birthday in order to keep redeeming their Genshin birthday rewards. And yes – this is possible, but only a few times. For the time it takes to submit and change your birthday on Mihoyo, you may as well just wait! If you abuse this, they may remove it in the future! So be nice!



We hope that this guide has been able to help you with how to get your Genshin-themed birthday gifts when you login into the game! Let us know what you got for your birthday, and remember to spend time with your loved ones on your special day!

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