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Cuijue Slope Torch Puzzle Guide | Genshin Impact



If you have been exploring around Liyue, then you must have found this torch puzzle which seems complicated at first, but it is nothing really if you follow this guide.

Cuijue Slope Torch Puzzle Guide with Images

Cuijue Slope Torch Puzzle
Cuijue Slope Torch Puzzle Location.
Cuijue Slope Torch Puzzle
All you have to do is go to a high place so that you can see the puzzle from above, that way you will be able to notice this triangle, you only have to shoot that torches that form that triangle and the puzzle is solved.
And Voila!! congratulations on solving the puzzle and obtaining your reward.

The only notable tip for this puzzle is to look at it from a high ground, to be able to notice the triangle formed by the trail, then all you have to do is light the three torches forming that triangle with a pyro character, Amber will do with her charged attacks she is a free character you get at the start of the game and you can use her to clear many other puzzles like this or even build her if you would like to.


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