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Do You Need A Free to Play Weapon for Hu Tao?



If you succeeded in obtaining Hu Tao then congratulations, but now you are faced with a problem, you do not have a weapon for her, do not worry and read the guide below.

First Free to Play Weapon for Hu Tao

The First and easiest weapon you can get for Hu Tao until you get a better Upgrade is Prototype Starglitter, This weapon will provide you with Energy Recharge which is a decent stat to have on Hu Tao but not the greatest, but it will allow you to get your Elemental and Burst Skill faster, If you get this weapon you do not have to worry about putting Energy Recharge sub stats on your Artifacts and instead focus on Crit Rate nd Crit Damage.

Weapon Hu Tao

How to Get Prototype Starglitter

Hu Tao
Go to any town Blacksmith and chose I’d like something made option.
Once you are on this Window scroll down until you find Prototype Starglitter.
Here is a map off where you can find the ores needed.
Hu Tao
As for the Northlander you can get one in Liyue’s Souvenir Shop.
It is a one time purchase only if you do not have enough currency explore the map and open chests in Liyue.

Second Free to Play Weapon for Hu Tao

This Weapon is the only free to play polearm with Crit Damage sub stat, it is much better than the first option mentioned, but can be trickier to get for new players, the weapon is called Blackcliff Pole, and can be bought from Paimon’s Bargain shop with Starglitter.

Hu Tao

How to Get Blackcliff Pole

Go to the shop on Paimon’s Bargain section, under Starglitter Exchange, you will find a bunch of weapons’ that appear every other month.


Once you have better options like Dragon’s Bane, you can switch to it instead of the First Weapon recommended, as for the Shop weapon, it is a very good option already and you do not need to change it if you do not want to.

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