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When should or shouldn’t I fight in Apex Legends?



When should or shouldn’t I fight in Apex Legends?

Deciding when to fight in Apex Legends can be a make-or-break decision for the game you play. In this guide, we go over when you should, and shouldn’t fight on Apex Legends. Let’s jump straight into the canyon! 

In Apex, one of the best skills you and your teammates can possess is knowing when to fight. Apex Legends fights constantly and quickly change situations and figuring out and analyzing the situation you are in can make all the difference when trying to fight a team. Today, we’re going to take a quick look into some tips and tricks to know when you should and shouldn’t be fighting. 

Check your Repositionability to Fight in Apex

Ok, we’re not sure if ‘Repositionability’ is a word, but you know what we mean. When fighting, you should expect to get third-partied (we’ll go into this later). Depending on if you engage on an enemy team, you should always keep your options to position open and available for you to rotate at a moment’s notice. 

When to Fight in Apex Legends

Keep on Guard even with 3 Teams remaining

When a few teams are remaining at the end, and the situation gets tense, avoid engaging if you can help it. Although you may have some easy shots, there are several benefits to avoiding any battles during the last few rings. Not only would you be giving away your position, but the likelihood of being third-partied is a lot higher. 

When there are only a few teams remaining, you want to wait for other teams to fight, and you can fight off the back of that battle. This will ensure the enemy teams are pressured to reposition, resupply and you can catch them on the run. 


Third-Party Effectively

Let’s face it, when you engage first in a battle, how many times have you been taken down by another team within 30 seconds of destroying the first team? This is third partying. Many teams stick to cover until they hear fighting, and re-engage on the teams that were fighting as they’re weak, or lack the resource to fight back. This ‘third partying should be implemented into all your games to ensure that you have the best chance of coming out on top of a battle. If you can third-party a battle, then this is when you should engage if you’re happy you can come out on top.

If you’re pressured – don’t fight

Being pressured in games isn’t fun, and will not help when playing Apex. If you know a team that is fighting behind you, or around you whilst you’re contemplating engaging another team, then you shouldn’t fight unless you know it can be done quickly. 

Remember this is a battle royale, you only really have one life to play with (unless you get revived) and this should be played with sparingly. In other words, don’t just rush in and die straight away, evaluate the situation and ensure you can finish the fight calmly, don’t panic, and miss your shots – no one wants that! 

When not to Fight in Apex Legends

Know your Ability and Items in Apex

If you’re watching people get taken down by a specific team with better weapons, then running into a fight with underpowered weaponry and armor is not going to end well for you. If you know how to play well, and can work with the weapons you have – then be sure to engage and give it you’re all. However, if you’re not a super-confident player, and know your enemy has a red-Evo shield, your P2020 is not going to do much against it at long range. Consider, evaluate, decide! 

Conclusion on Fighting in Apex

All in all, if you’re not sure about a fight then you need to consider all your options. Weigh everything up and ensure that you are prepared for a battle, not just with the team you’re fighting but any other teams that might pop up around you after you finish that fight. Let us know if you’re a pro at Apex and can use a P2020 against Red-Evo’s, we’d love to see that! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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