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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Announced ?



Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Announced ?

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 could possibly get announced this year – in “final stages” of development but pushed back due to production issues Taking place in the far future after XC2 with some returning characters

Xenoblade Voice Actress Implies a New Game is in the Works — Which is True

In June of this year, a Xenoblade fan held a particularly significant interview with actress Jenna Coleman. Coleman, who is primarily known for her roles as Clara Oswald on TV institution Doctor Who and Jasmine Thomas in the soap opera Emmerdale, was also Melia in the first Xenoblade Chronicles over a decade ago. She appeared in a video chat with the YouTube channel Din’s Meteorite, a smaller gaming channel with around 33 subscribers, to talk about several subjects including her time spent on Xenoblade Chronicles and the recent expanded Switch remaster Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition.

While the interview was published two months ago, it only recently caught the notice of social media in large part because of an accidental slip of the tongue from Coleman.

Musing about her first role in Xenoblade Chronicles, Coleman said “God, when was the first game? Ten years ago? It was a long time ago, I did it pre-Doctor Who days and when they did they second one , they asked me to come back. And I think they’re going to do another,” Coleman paused. “Common knowledge? Don’t know. Yeah, I think they’re going to do another. Not sure if I’m allowed to say that.”

Coleman’s quote has caused rumors to stir over the weekend of a new Xenoblade Chronicles currently in development. According to our sources here, we can indeed confirm that to be the case. Moreover, the game is nearing its final stages of development, but its release date may be held back for any number of reasons.


The third Xenoblade Chronicles game in development at Monolith Soft is a sequel to Xenoblade Chronicles 2, currently the best-selling game in the series. The ending of the trilogy takes place in the far-flung future with a few returning characters who have long-outlived their human counterparts from both Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles 2. This is why Coleman, who plays Melia, would be aware of a third game, as her character is returning and she more than likely has recorded voice acting for it.

According to our sources, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 was set to be revealed earlier this year, and may still be announced before the end of the calendar year, but has had a difficult time with pandemic development and optimizing the game for the Switch. The game is aiming for more character models on screen at once than any previous title, accounting for both playable characters and enemies.

This shouldn’t come as a galloping shock, as Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition’s expanded content was titled Future Connected, indicating that Monolith Soft was looking forward to the future of the series. If all goes well, the game could be released as soon as the first half of next year, delayed from its original and now exceedingly unlikely Winter 2021 target date.


Source: Fanbyte Imran Khan


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