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Genshin Impact

World Level Guide Genshin Impact



World Level Guide Genshin Impact

Read this article if you want to know more about World Level and its benefits in Genshin Impact.

World Level Ovrpwr

How to Raise your World Level

World Level Ovrpwr

To raise your world level you will need to increase your adventurer rank, once you reach a certain adventurer rank you will sometimes get an ascension quest from the Adventurer’s Guild, once you complete that quest, your world level will go up.

  • Level 1 > Rank Level 20 > No Ascension Quest
  • Level 2 > Rank Level 25 > Ascension Quest Required
  • Level 3 > Rank Level 30 > No Ascension Quest
  • Level 4 > Rank Level 35 > Ascension Quest Required
  • Level 5 > Rank Level 40 > No Ascension Quest
  • Level 6 > Rank Level 45 > Ascension Quest Required
  • Level 7 > Rank Level 50> Ascension Quest Required Level 8 > Rank Level 55 > No Ascension Quest

Is it Recommended to Raise World Level?

World Level Ovrpwr

Yes, when you raise your world level you will get multiple benefits that will make your adventure more enjoyable, however if it gets harder for you to play, you will still be able to down grade it after you reach Level 5, the benefit you get from raising it are as follows:

  • You will get rewards from the Adventurer Guild for each Level up
  • You will be able to level up your Adventurer Rank past the previous limit
  • You will get better drops from domains, bosses, chests and so on
  • Enemies become stronger and more challenging
  • Unlocks higher rank Domains


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