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Will Valorant ever be on Xbox?



Valorant on Xbox

Will Valorant ever be on Xbox? Riot-born Valorant is a game that many millions of players have tried their hand at. Valorant is a game of fun, tactics and competitive teamwork that make the game an amazing one to play. However, some avid console fans are not super happy with Riots decision to make the game Windows PCs only.

Will Valorant be on Xbox?

We can hope. At the moment, Valorant (or Riot Games) have no plans to make Valorant a console game. Although we can never be 100% sure on this, we can be sure that Riot games have a history of being PC-only game developers.

Riot Games have a few major game titles such as League of Legends, Valorant, and Team fight tactics all of which are PC only games. Although Riot games have never opted to hire console developers, there is a slim chance that Valorant would come to consoles such as the newest Xbox, or PlayStation.

Would Valorant be Cross Platform?

IF (and it’s a big IF) Valorant was to come to consoles, there is a very high chance the game would be cross-platform. Valorant boasts a private, game-internal marketplace where players can buy items from the shop, and once bought – that item belongs to the account and it cannot be moved away to another account. 


With this being said, many of the issues some game developers have with moving games to cross-platform would be pulled just based on this. However, Riot would still need to develop around the idea of the skill gap.

Valorant is a shooter, and players playing on Mouse and Keyboard have an advantage over aim, and sometimes communication. This would have to be considered, and may even be a make-or-break blow to Riots developments.

Will Valorant be on Xbox


When all is considered, we can hope and pray for a Valorant console edition to be formed, but with the history of Riot and the constraints that would be put onto the game during its first few years will likely rule out Valorant for consoles anytime soon.

Of course, we will let you know if this changes, over on our Twitter page – where you can find all the latest gaming news, guides, tips and tricks.

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