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Why is Graves Mid So Good?



Why is Graves Mid So Good?

Graves is now stomping on low elo because of how broken he is in the midlane versus squishy targets, and how easy it is to play him read this article if you wish to know more about this

Graves Win Rate

Graves has a very high win rate in all ranks he is in the top 10 at least with a 52 to 54% win rate average, these stats are for high elo so the lower elo you go the less accurate these stats become, meaning they could be lower or way higher, because people do not know how to itemize in lower elos graves can be very deadly hence his win rate would skyrocket.

How to Play as Graves Mid

One of the advantages of Graves mid is that he has a really easy game style, all you have to do is Q the wave and permanently push, then go to the enemy jungle and take their comps, of course you have to ward well so that you do not get countered while you are in the jungle, early on you are very easy to kill and do not have that high burst damage, that’s why in the early game only focus on farming and building your power spike items do not even bother interacting with the enemy mid laner you could ignore him and just farm, or if you have the wave fully cleared you can try to poke him a little bit if you have nothing to do.

How to Build Graves Mid

Do not buy boots early on this is very important as it is just a waste of gold, wait until you have at least 2 full lethality items then go for boots if you want.

Build Eclipse as first item, then The Collector, 3rd and 4th item you can go for Lord Dominik’s Regards or Infinity Edge and last item take Guardian Angel that way if you die you will come back again and be able to hit someone again in late game you are guaranteed to do at least 1k damage with your auto attack which is enough to one shot a squishy target.


For Runes you should take Electrocute but Dark Harvest can also be fun to play in lower elos

Summoner Spells take Flash and either Teleport or Ignite if you think the enemy jungler is going to camp a certain lane pick teleport that way you can counter gank and help your team after quickly clearing the waves if you are versus a short range champion that you can all in then take ignite, dont take ignite versus a long range mid laner like Xerath because it’s unlikely that you will be able to reach him and even if you did you’d be bombarded with spells and be very low or dead.

For Spells you will have to max you Q first then E then W last

The Combo

Graves’s Combo is easy all you have to do is try to get y our W to slow and blind the enemy then a Q ricochet out of a wall with the enemy in between then Auto Attack once, instantly click E to auto attack reset and lastly one auto attack and finish with your Ultimate R if they are not dead already.



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