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Where to Find the Nameless Treasures in Genshin Impact



Nameless Treasure Guide in Genshin Impact

Are you looking for the Nameless Treasures in Genshin Impact? Nameless Treasures are items you can collect and sell to a Merchant in Liyue. Want to know more? Don’t worry – today, we take a look at all you need to know about the Nameless Treasure in Genshin Impact.

How many Nameless Treasures are there?

There are currently three nameless treasures scattered around Liyue, hidden under some puzzles. Thankfully, you can collect them without a specific order, then bring them to the Liyue Merchant to sell them. Let’s take a look at where you can find the Nameless Treasure!

First Location: Lingju Pass

Nameless Treasure Genshin - Lingju Pass
Image Source: OvrPwr

The first Nameless treasure we’re going to look for is in Lingju Pass. The Nameless Treasure is buried under the golden tree, which we’ve circled. You need to circle around it until you find a spot without grass inspect there. Once completed, you will get the treasure if you have already completed the quest “And This Treasure Goes To…”.

Second Location: Qingxu Pool

Nameless Treasure - Qingzu Pool
Image Source: OvrPwr

Our next location is the one near Qingxu Pool. Next to the Qingxu Teleportation point, you will be able to see these seals which we pointed to with a red arrow. All you need to do is go to them and activate them. Following this, a cutscene will open that will show you the treasure’s location.

Third Location: Dunyu Ruins

Nameless Treasure - Dunyu Ruins
Image Source: OvrPwr

For the third location, head over to the Dunyu Ruins. Once there, activate all the torches that have arrows pointing to them with a Pyro character. Then simply activate the stele in the centre with a Geo character and a cut scene will occur.

Nameless Treasure Location Dunyu Ruins Guide
Image Source: OvrPwr

Once the water level has gone down you can now go next to these Seelie statues and click Elemental sight which will guide you to the Seelies that are hidden in the area. Once done, you will be able to bring them to their statues and the treasure in the middle will become available.

Set time in Genshin Impact
Image Source: OvrPwr

Now, simply go to Liyue and change the time to 21:00.

Antique Shop Owner in Genshin
Image Source: OvrPwr

Once you’ve done this, simply speak to the Antique Shop owner, Linlang, who is only available around this time we pointed to her with a red arrow she is left of the Jewelry shop. After speaking to her, you will receive a reward!


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