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What to Spend Primogems on as a F2P



What to Spend Primogems on as a F2P

Primogems are the premium currency in Genshin Impact, they can be used to:

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How to Spend Primogems as a F2P

If you are a free to play player then you do not have access to alot of Primogems and you will need to farm alot just to get one guaranteed unit that is if you have very bad luck, because you might get lucky and get many five stars while being a free to play, but considering not everyone has good luck here’s how you should spend your primogems

  • Gather around 29 000 Primogems and do not spend them
  • Wait for a character you like to appear on the limited banner
  • Test that character for free in the event tab
  • Decide if you like it or not really that much
  • If you do like it
  • Buy Intertwined Fate from the shop
  • Pull until you get that character from his banner

Note: You will need 180 Intertwined Fate to get your desired character that is if your luck is super bad, usually people get their first 5 star appearing at around 80 pulls guaranteed at 90 pulls, but that character might not be the one you desired 100%, you have a 50% that you will get a random 5 star, but the next 90 pulls you are guaranteed to have the character you wanted, that is why if you have bad luck you will need to pull 180 times which will cost you around 29k Primogems.


Best of luck in your farming and pulling for the character you want may the odds be ever in your favor, Be sure to let us know what you think about this guide, by leaving us a comment or sending us a tweet over on our Twitter page. Be sure to join our Discord for more Genshin guides, or keep up to date on our Twitter page! If you need to look at some more Genshin guides, you can also check out our Genshin Impact guides section here on OvrPwr. 

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