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Vex Champion Leak



Vex Champion Leak

The next League of Legends champion will be Vex the gloomy mage, she was revealed in the new Sentinel’s Poster, and on the Ruination, adventures talking to Viego, as she is the one that gave him power and helped him to pursue his goal, it is said that she is also the one spreading the black mist across of Runeterra, Vex was supposed to come out before Akshan on the roadmap that’s why there was a title “Life can be so Vexing”, the reason of the delay is because she was turned into a normal mage instead of an artillery mage because they did not have the technology to portray her Shadow Mist properly yet, Riot even updated the PC Recommended Specifications after the Vex leak.  

Here is a concept image (not official) that you can see below, – what are your thoughts?

Vex Release Date

Riot Mirales said “Vex should be coming out in September, as long as everything goes as planned. We’re working on getting her source of power (aka, her shadow) just right in-game, which is why she’s releasing a bit after the Sentinels of Light event.”  

Some rumours are saying that she will have abilities that counter dashing champions because of how many there have been in the recent releases and that her ultimate will maybe have some similarities with Nocturne’s Ultimate  

In the end, these are again just rumoured so do not expect anything to not be disappointed when she officially releases 



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