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Vex Abilities Explained



Vex Abilities Explained

Vex is the next champion to release in League of Legends and, she is a gloomy yordle from Bandle City, whom hates happiness and color, her main role in game is to counter champions that have dashes.

Vex Ability Leaks

We do not know which of her abilities is assigned to which quickslot but we have a pretty good idea of what she does from what we have seen from the champion trailer.

  • Passive: whenever an enemy champion dashes they get a mark on them and when Vex auto attacks them she will deal extra damage just like a Lux passive
  • Ability 1: This ability seems to be a skillshot Vex launches her shadow slowly at first then quickly gains speed if the shadow hits an enemy it will deal damage to them
  • Ability 2: An aoe fear around her that fears all enemies nearby and gives her an ability power shield
  • Ability 3: Another aoe that she puts down near her which fears enemies but is slower than the previous aoe.
  • Ultimate: Vex throws her shadow at an enemy champion then dashes to him if she recasts it, if she kills that champion she can recast her ultimate again and again hitting and dashing towards all enemies hit even following them in their dash animations if they try to escape
League of Legends Vex Abilities


Vex seems to be a new kind of unique champions that counters a certain kind of champions we hope to see more of that kind which will make drafting easier, check out our Social Media: DiscordFacebook Twitter, to find out about any League of Legends updates. We are always updating our socials with news, guides, leaks and much more – so be sure to give us a follow!

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