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Valorant Split Callouts



Valorant Split Callouts

Split is a map that coordinates at 35°41’CD’ N 139°41’WX’ E, in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. It is a bit different from other maps in Valorant because it promotes a defensive plays style rather than an aggressive one like most maps in Valorant, Split was the first map in Valorant to use ascenders. There are three sets on the map:  

  • Two that allows players to get up from Sewer to A Lobby  
  • One that allows players to get up from B Hell to B Tower  
  • Four that allow players to navigate through Vents  
Valorant Split OvrPwr

Split from Defender’s Side   

Split B-site:  

Valorant Split OvrPwr
  • B-Alley (going down from defender’s spawn)  
  • B-Stairs (going up the stairs after the alley)  
  • B-Tower (the big window you arrive at after the stairs)  
  • B-Rafters (the ledge on the window)  
  • B-Site (the whole area you can see from B-Rafters)  
  • B-Tunnel (the door on the left of B-site)  
  • B-Back (the hiding area on the right of B-site)  
  • B-Lobby (you arrive there if you walk through B-Tunnel)  
  • B-Link (the door on you left when you are in B-Lobby)  
  • Bottom-Mid (after B-lobby there’s a yard)  
  • Top-Mid (in that yard there are stairs that lead up on your left)  
  • Mid-Vent (the door in front of you when you arrive at Top-Mid)  
  • Mid-Mail (from Top-Mid go left instead)  

Split A-Site:  

Valorant Split OvrPwr
  • A-Screens (From defender’s spawn go up)  
  • A-Site (when you enter the door in A-Screens)  
  • A-Back (immediately after the screens door go left)  
  • A-Long (from screen door go through A-Site and the entrance in front of you)  
  • A-Ramps (the two ramps on your right after entering A-Long)  
  • A-Tower (on top of A-Ramps)  
  • A-Rafters (the ledge in A-Tower)  
  • A-Ropes (the ziplines that lead down to Mid-Vent)  
  • A-Lobby (in A-Long go left instead of taking the ramps on your right)  
  • A-Sewers (take the zipline in A-Lobby down) 


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