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Valorant: Haven Callouts



Valorant: Haven Callouts

Haven is one of the four main maps that came out with the game at launch, it is divided into three Sites A, B, and C which makes the map very big and favorites a split play style for the attackers instead of a grouped one.  

Here are some of the most important Callouts you’ll need to be on the same page with your teammates in Haven.  

Haven from Attacker’s Spawn:  

  • If you go Right you will head towards A  
  • If you go Mid you will head towards B  
  • If you go Left you will head towards C  

Haven A-Site

Valorant Bind Map
  • A-Garden (the area right of Attacker’s Spawn)  
  • A-Long (After you enter the small room and head left)  
  • A-Short (After you enter the room and head down)  
  • A-Lobby (is the name of that small room)  
  • A-Top Sewers (after you go up from A-Short)  
  • A-Site (the planting area)  
  • A-Heaven (the window on top of A-Site)  
  • A-Hell (Under the window)  

Haven B-site

Valorant Bind Map
  • B-Window (the place you access through the small door on the right)  
  • B-Courtyard (the place you can see from the window)  
  • B-Garage (the double doors on the left of the courtyard)  
  • B-Site (the area after the big door on the right of the Courtyard)  
  • B-Garage Window  
  • B-Garage Tunnel (Leads towards C Site)  
  • B-Wood (the hiding area in B-site)  
  • B-Top Boxes (The hiding Area on top of the boxes around the planting site)  
  • B- A Link (the door that links to A Site)  
  • B-C Link (The door that links to C Site)  


Valorant Bind Map
  • C-Long (the long corridor that leads to C-Site)  
  • C-Cubby (The hiding area in C-Long)  
  • C-Logs (Hiding area in C-Site on top of the wooden Logs)  
  • C-Platform (The elevated hiding area on top of the Platform) 


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