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Valorant Bind Callouts



Valorant Bind Callouts

  Bind is one of the four main maps that came out with the game at launch, it is a map that has two sites A and B linked with a teleporter which allows many plays if used correctly.  

Here is a quick rundown of some of the most notable callouts and locations in Bind.  


Bind A-side locations are as follows:  

From Defender’s Area going towards Reactor A:  

  • A-Pipe (the area inside the small door on your right)  
  • A- Heaven (If you go upwards instead of going right through the small door)  
  • A-Site (the big area you can see when you’re done with A-pipe)  
  • A-U Hall (the small door next to the truck in A-Site)  
  • A-Mid (The area you see when you come out of the other side of U-Hall)  
  • A-Teleporter (The gate you see on your right when you peak at mid)  
  • From Attacker’s Area towards A-site  
  • A-Tunnel (when you go right from spawn)  
  • A-Lobby (the small area on your right when you arrive at the top of the hill)  
  • A-Showers (the hallways that lead to A-Site)  
  • A-Stairs (when you go left instead of going right to A-Lobby)  
  • A-Carpet (when you peak mid after you go up the stairs)  
  • A-Double Box (the two boxes on top of each other in mid-A)  


Bind B side locations are as follows:  

  • From Defender’s Spawn towards Laboratory B  
  • B-Halls (Also known as Labs)  
  • B-Elbow (when you peak outside the Halls)  
  • B-Site (the large area after you move through Elbow)  
  • B-Box (The scanner looking box where people plant or sometimes hide inside)  
  • B-Back Site (The peaking area from Box to Hall in B-site)  
  • B-Hookah (The big window area in B-site)  
  • From Attacker’s Side towards B-Site  
  • B-Market (the area in front of you when you walk towards B-site)  
  • B-Short (Left after entering Market)  
  • C-Teleporter (The one in front of Hookah)  
  • B-Hookah (The area in which you can peak B-site)  
  • B-Fountain (If you go left instead of entering the Market)  
  • B-Long (After Fountain area go up)  
  • B-Teleporter (On top of B-Long)  
  • B-Arches (Or garden the small area before you enter B-site) 


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