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Top-Lane: TOP 5 Best Champions in Patch 11.11



Top-Lane: TOP 5 Best Champions in Patch 11.11

Top-Lane gameplay can be quite tough if you don’t know who to play, or how to play the champions. Because of this, we’ve written up a quick guide on some of the best top-lane champions and how you can use them to the best of your ability to ensure you win your lane every time! Be sure to take a look through some of our other guides, such as the best “ADC Champions” to play. Let us know what you think!

Darius  (Top-Lane)

Darius Top-Lane Build League of Legends Patch 11.11

Tanks are going to be more useful in the next patch so champions that build armor shred items like Black Cleaver which got a buff and now reduces your target’s armor even more, so this is an indirect buff to Darius, even though Darius is a solid pick in lower elo he struggles in higher elo where people understand how to counter him with champions like Kled and Wukong 


Darius Build Top-Lane


Darius Counters (Top-Lane)

Cho’Gath (Top-Lane)

Top Lane Cho'Gath League of Legends

With warden’s Mail getting buffed Cho’Gath has it now easier to get through that early game, especially after the nerf of bramble vest making it very hard for Cho’Gath to survive that poke from champions like Quinn or Vayne, you now have the option of building Warden’s Mail which reduces incoming damage into you and helps you survive that early game, you also have the option of building Frozen Heart which was buffed and now you slow the enemy’s attack speed by 5% more. 


Cho'Gath Build League of Legends Patch 11.11


Cho'Gath Counters

Fiora (Top-Lane)

Top-Lane Fiora League of Legends

In 11.1 Fiora’s passive was buffed and now deals more damage based on her target’s max health, so now with the buffs on tanks and warmonger’s your vitals will deal even more damage, and with the nerf of bramble vest you are now going to be cut less into that laning phase 


Fiora League of Legends Top-Lane Build


Fiora Counters in League of Legends


Shen League of Legends Top-Lane Build

If you’re a fan of build diversity then Shen is for you in this next patch, unlike most tanks Shen has one of the best laning phases out of all top-lane champions because of how well his kit is, you can block autos with your W, your passive gives you a shield when you use an ability to go in for trades, your Q give you extra magic damage to your autos..etc. And now after Riot buffed his ultimate there’s a certain build which is crazy for the amount of shield it gives to your allies helping your carries survive in close situations and that build is Turbo Chemtank into Redemption and then Mikael’s. 


Shen League of Legends Top-Lane Build in Patch 11.11


Shen Counters in League of Legends


Top-Lane Wukong in League of Legends

This champion is the definition of the word annoying with Divine Sunderer and Black Cleaver both being a viable option on him Wukong now has the best laning phase-out of all the top-lane champions and in late game it is just not fun playing against him. 


Wukong Top-Lane Build in Patch 11.11


Wukong Counters in Patch 11.11


Let us know if you think we are missing any champion that should be on this list we would really appreciate your feedback and thank you for reading. As ever, be sure to check out our social media, especially Twitter as we are doing giveaways nearly every week! Be sure to take a quick look and drop us a follow to keep up to date with all our guides.

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