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TOP 5 Team Fighting Tips for League of Legends



TOP 5 Team Fighting Tips for League of Legends

Struggling to team fight in League of Legends? One of the most important determining factors that decide whether you win or lose a game in League o Legends are Team Fights. For the most part, all it takes is one bad team fight at post 20 minutes of the game and you can lose the game even if all your lanes were winning. There are some ways you can avoid this and prevent this from happening. Today we look at some ways you can win all your team fights in your League of Legends games. 

Know Your Enemy’s Key Abilities 

It is important to enter a team fight knowing which enemy ability you have to avoid at all cost. If you are a high priority target, champions such as a Malphite, with his ultimate that will most likely be aimed at the squishiest champions, or a simpler ability like a Blitzcrank grab can be the determining factor in a team fight. Simply knowing that these abilities are on the field still, and have yet to be used in a team fight can be the difference between starting, and winning a team fight – or losing one. Knowing this, in general, can be beneficial on when you should engage too, so always know what your opponent champions have available to them, and avoid the ults you don’t want to deal with.  

BlitzCrank Team Fight Hook Range

Know who YOU should focus within a Team Fight 

We all know how frustrating it is to see your midlaner use all his burst onto the enemy tank.  When this happens – the enemies will feel more at ease to go in and play around your carry’s cooldowns, knowing the right target to focus is of high importance. Simply shutting your brain off and throwing abilities at whoever jumps at you or is in front of you is never a good idea, the tanks will jump at you and use their stuns and slows on you but in these situations, you shouldn’t be provoked. 

Instead, keep looking at the reaction of the other enemy carries. as they are bound to follow the tank. That’s the best place to strike and burst them down before they react kite the tank and don’t use or important cooldowns. To go with this, it’s not a bad idea if you are an AD Carry and you’re auto attacking the tank. This is because he is too close because AD Carries deal most their damage with auto attacks. However, it’s okay to attack anyone that’s close to you this way as you’ll soften the tank making him back off and run away or even kill him and opening a path into their back line, and even better a good-start into a team fight.  

Team Fight in League of Legends

Should you even team fight? (Know where you stand) 

A very important question that you should ask yourselves as a team, do you win in a 5v5 or are you better off picking them one by one? If the enemy team comp is so strong and has a very good synergy even if you won early game in all lanes, you may still lose against them in a 5v5. This usually happens when the enemy team has all the roles like a tank to protect the backline, a mage that brings big magical damage or crowd control and a solid DPS.  

On the other hand, if your team is full of squishier champion like a full ADC team you will have a hard time to cope with the team comp above the more the game time progresses. If that’s the case, a solution is to spam ping your team (don’t be super annoying though) to go back and split or camp for easy kills therefore bringing you greater chances of winning down the line.  


Another situation is when the enemy team has Baron or Elder buff never fight them in this situation, but rather focus on protecting your towers and if the tower is not defendable fall back while thinning their wave of minions because without them, they cannot do anything or they will have to dive and go for reckless plays. 

If you are behind in gold because of a rough start, make sure you tell your team to keep farming until you reach late game and buy more items to be somewhat equal to the enemy team. This way, you’ll not only be helping yourself, but your team can allow you to make progression where you failed early-game.  

Know the Reasons behind your Team Fights 

Going into a team fight is not just based on whims, or because “You feel like it”. Team fights happen a lot in low Elo when the game reaches 10 minutes, and team fights don’t stop until someone takes the other’s nexus. 

You should only team fight when there is an objective to be taken like Dragon or Baron. These are key objectives which if you do not take you are surrendering a huge advantage to your enemies, even if you are behind and cannot win a team fight you should always try to contest these high priority objectives or take advantage of them to trade for other minor objectives such as turrets and inhibitors. 


This should be your key reasoning behind the team fight.  

Pro Team Fight in League of Legends

Knowing your responsibility in a team fight 

As a tank you are responsible to be the meat shield of your team and be as much annoying as possible to the enemy carry. By doing so, this will allow your team to do more damage instead of them taking, and thus making the team fight better overall for your team. 

 As a Mage you are required to poke your enemies and soften them up for your team to finish. Although a kill would be nice to have, you are there simply for assistance. Do enough damage to the enemy players, and if you can finish them off, but a DPS is there for the kills. 

Speaking of which, as a DPS you must survive and do as much damage as possible when possible. This is because you need to be the heavy hitter, or the hammer in a team fight, to get the kills or weaken the enemy’s enough for your mage, or tank to kill.  If this is not possible, you have another weapon of being a decoy as all eyes are on you, so keep them busy with you by not dying and let your team do the rest of the work for you. 

Team Fight in LoL


There are many other team fighting tips that will help you win more games these are just a few. Many other tips you will learn from experience and playing in team fights, but make sure you always do your best and do what you need to do to control the team fights and win your games. I tried to be brief and concise as to not bore you with huge texts to read and I hope that this will help you win more games. If this guide helped, let us know in the comments below and if you have anything to add feel free to, we’d be happy to read your ideas and add them to this guide!  

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