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Top 5 Support Champions in 11.10



Top 5 Support Champions in 11.10

Ever wanted to play a support champion? In some of your games, you may be struggling to play ADC with terrible support, but you may also want to play support and be bette than your ADC. In today’s article, we take a quick look into 5 of the best support champions in League of Legends patch 11.10.


Leona Support Champion in League of Legends

Leona is the kind of support that can play the lane both defensively and aggressively almost all of her abilities have a stun in them so you can be very annoying to assassins and carries that are squishy and need to do their damage quick and escape because one stun can get them killed by your teammates  


Leona Build for Support Champion


Leona Challengers in League of Legends


Thresh Support Champion in League of Legends

Thresh is a very versatile support he can create picks, peel pretty well, he can both engage and disengage, he can also set up ganks with his cc and lantern. 


Thresh Build for League of Legends Support Champion


Thresh Challengers in League of Legends

Senna (Support Champion)

support champion Senna

Senna plays well as both a marksman and support she excels at dealing damage to enemies as well as supporting her allies with heals, shields and camouflage, she can either be built to do damage or to focus on supporting 


support champion League of Legends


Senna Looses Against


Lulu support champion in league of legends

Lulu’s kit is super op you can deny a strong enemy from doing anything in a team fight by transforming him with your spell polymorph or interrupt him with your ultimate’s knock up, she synergizes well with champions like Twitch and Caitlyn in lane where she helps to push the lane fast and poke at enemies. 


support champion Lulu build


Lulu looses lane against support

Lux (Support Champion)

Lux support champion in Patch 11.10

Lux is a unique and fun champion to play she is also very easy to learn, with her high utility, long range, and insane burst damage. After the buffs she got recently she is even stronger if you hit your cage in lane you are pretty much guaranteed to kill the enemy or make him recall. 


Lux Build for support Champion


Lux looses against in support champion lane


All in all, these 5 champions are some of the best support champions to play in League of Legends in today’s patch. Be sure to check out our other articles here on OvrPwr, in our League of Legends section and let us know in the comments or over on our Twitter Page what new content you want us to write!

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