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Top 5 Junglers in Patch 11.10



Top 5 Junglers in Patch 11.10

Looking to play as a Jungler? Jungle camps now respawn after 2 minutes 15 seconds instead of just 2 minutes which makes the meta now of Gank focused junglers. Because farming junglers will have it harder to accumulate gold over time and will be outclassed by heavy ganking Junglers. In this article, we will give you some of the Junglers that you will want to play in patch 11.10.

Rek’Sai – #5 Jungler

Rek Sai League of Legends Jungler

Rek’Sai is a very easy champion to play and due to his fast clear and W spell which lets her Gank from very unusual angles she is now one of the scariest junglers in the current patch

For her build you have two options, you either go for Conqueror when you’re against a tankier enemy team or Hail of Blades versus a team of 3 or more tanged squishies


Rek Sai Jungler Build


Rek Sai Jungler Counters

Morgana – #4 Jungler

Morgana League of Legends Jungler Build

A ranged jungler with red buff is insanely strong early pair that with morgana’s stun which feel like an eternity to go away (2 seconds at level 1), then if you hit someone with it early on, you’re sure to get a kill and get your team ahead; her team fighting is also great when used right her ultimate plus Zhonya’s Hourglass can turn the game around.


Morgana Jungler Build

Morgana has no real counters in the jungle because she cannot be stunned and she can just stun the enemy and run away if she loses early

Xin Zhao – #3 Jungler

Xin Zhao League of Legends

Easy, fast clear, good ganking, plus he will not fall behind anymore to power farming junglers.


Xin Zhao Jungler build Patch 11.10


Zin Zhao Counters

Elise – Easy Jungle

Elise Jungler League of Legends

Elise is most likely the most aggressive jungler in the game because of her kit that lets her dive early into the game and escapes, also with the new mechanic added into the game of catchup experience when you fall behind in levels you will get more experience from monsters and quickly catch up.


Elise Jungler Build


Elise Counters Jungler Patch 11.10

Lee Sin – Ovrpwr’d Jungler

Lee Sin Jungler League of Legends

The King of the Jungle Tarzaned is back, Lee Sin has a slow clear but excels at ganking and skirmishing, this means that he will fit amazingly into the next meta, but Lee Sin is a very hard champion to play mechanically so if you are not confident in your skills with him it’s better to pick one of the easier ones above


Lee Sin Build League of Legends Jungler


Lee Sin Counters LoL


This guide was mainly inspired by a video which is very good that I recommend checking out, and also which I used to get statistics and builds from, I am also planning to make an article about every lane and would love to get your feedback on them to thank you all for reading and have fun in the game.

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