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Strong Champions to Escape Low Elo- Patch 11.15



Strong Champions to Escape Low Elo- Patch 11.15

Top Lane: Dr.Mundo League of Legends

Mundo was a beast, but now with his recent rework he is a stronger beast that will eat anyone that dares face him in the lane, and in the late game he is just an immortal monster that will run at your team, cannot be stunned and kills everyone. He is fairly simple to play, his ban rate is average, Mundo can build as a full tank, but he will still be doing insane amounts of damage. League of Legends

Jungle:  Shyvana League of Legends

Because games tend to last longer in lower Elo averaging 25 to 45 minutes per game, scaling champions like Shyvana are a great pick, Shyvana can just hard farm for her level 6, reach her 2 items power spike, then just roll on everyone in the game, Build Nashor’s Tooth into Night Harvester and have fun. League of Legends

Mid Lane: Malzahar League of Legends

Malzahar is a champion I personally despise but for the sake of being informative I will let you know something about him, it is very frustrating to play against because of how annoying and unskilled he is, especially if you are someone like me that doesn’t want to waste an item slot to buy a QSS, when Malzahar is in your team all the enemy squishies will have to sacrifice an item slot for a QSS because all he has to do is click R on one of these squishies for them to die. League of Legends

Bot Lane: Miss Fortune League of Legends

Miss Fortune is another brain-dead ADC, she is very annoying to play against in the Laning phase especially if there’s a grabbing support with her like, Pyke, Blitz, Thresh, then the enemies don’t have anywhere to hide, if they hide behind minions Miss Fortune will chuck them down with one bouncing Q, if they do not hide behind minions the support will grab them, in team fights her ultimate is game-changing, where it can turn around a losing game into a winning one just by fighting in narrow places and landing a good ultimate. League of Legends

Support: Yuumi League of Legends

The most annoying champion that we hate and love at the same time, Yuumi is very easy to play all you have to do is stick to your carry, forget you have a mouse, and only click your heal, with your passive you grant your carry with extra AP and AD, your carry will deal even more damage, and will not die because of the amount of healing and shielding a Yuumi can do. League of Legends


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