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Skins That Are Pay to Win?



Skins That Are Pay to Win?

Pay to Win is a term used in games that have cash shops in which you can spend real life money to get extra items, skins or anything that might influence your experience in the game, League of Legends is a game that has a cash shop but only for Skins which change the appearance of you champion but besides that it shouldn’t influence your game experience right?

Skins that Break the Game?

Some Skins in League of Legends indeed have some kind of pay to win factor to them, before you leave this article shouting bs, bare with me a little bit some skins in the game do not only change the appearance of your champion, they also change how their abilities look, some skins have abilities that are transparent making them hard to see and dodge which will allow the owners of such skins to land more skill shots, indeed we cannot ignore the facts that they have some pay to win into them, i am not saying that you should not buy them or anything, i do like getting some skins that i think look awesome and the League of Legends art department is the best department they have let’s be honest and they deserve this support, all i am saying is maybe have a look at these abilities animation and colors to make them easier to see.

Examples of such Skins

Atlantean Syndra’s Q ability is very hard to see in the river

Underworld Twisted Fate’s Q is Transparent and very hard to see

Arcade Ahri’s Abilities appear smaller than they really are which makes it easier to hit her skillshots

There are others that are hard to see or hear such as Infernal Shen, Arctic Ops Gragas, Highnoon Senna..etc.


These skins are not game breaking to be honest but they are frustrating in some circumstances, check out our Social Media: DiscordFacebook Twitter, to find out about any updates on the current strong champion of League of Legends. We are always updating our socials with news, guides, leaks and much more – so be sure to give us a follow!

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