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Should you pull for a C1 Hu Tao or a Staff of Homa in Genshin Impact



If you already have a Hu Tao and you are wondering whether to pull another copy of her to get the constellation buff that allows you to charge attack without losing stamina, or to pull for a Staff of Homa which is her signature weapon then read this guide.

C1 Hu Tao

The Benefits of Having a C1 Hu Tao

C2 Hu Tao
Image Source: WorldOfTeyvat
  • C1 Will allow you to spam charged attacks without losing stamina
  • It will make it easier and more comfortable to play Hu Tao
  • A significant increase in overall damage
  • Easier and cheaper to get than Staff of Homeless
  • You can use your stamina to dodge or chase

The Down sides for a C1 Hu Tao

  • It is worth the investment but not necessary so F2P can skip it
  • You will miss out on learning how to animation cancel

The Benefits of Pulling for Staff of Homa

  • The best polearm for Hu Tao with its passive buff and Crit Damage
  • An indirect upgrade to your whole account as you can use it on many other characters
  • The damage increase is even more than a C1 Hu Tao without a Staff of Homa

The Down sides for Staff of Homa

  • Very expensive to guarantee a copy as you might need 210 pulls to get one if unlucky while a C1 Hu Tao will cost you 160 Pulls Max.
  • There are other good Polearms that are easier to get and refine to Rank 5 like Dragon’s Bane
  • Not worth at all for F2P to pull on weapon banners


If you love Hu Tao as a character and you plan to main her, then going for a C1 is a great quality of life upgrade, if you are free to play then it is fine at C0 you will just struggle a bit to learn how to jump cancel and you might die more due to stamina loss.

Staff of Homa on the other hand is a great weapon to have on your account if you can afford the price of 210 pulls but not a necessity as there are other weapons that can work fine with Hu Tao.

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