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Sayu Voice Actor Revealed



Sayu Voice Actor Revealed

“Wha—? I’ve been found? Nooo…I haven’t slept enough yet today, waaaah!”Travelers, let’s listen to the voice of “Mujina Ninja” Sayu! VA

EN VA: Lilypichu (Lily Ki)

Lily Ki (born November 20, 1991), better known by her online alias LilyPichu, is an American internet personality, musician and voice actress. She is a member of OfflineTV, an online social entertainment group of content creators.

Ki first gained popularity in 2011 when her parody song “I’ll Quit LoL” went viral on YouTube. In July 2017, a video of Ki playing the melodica to unsuspecting cosplayers at Indy PopCon also went viral, becoming her most viewed YouTube video to date.[3] That same month, she joined OfflineTV. Ki’s internet content include gaming, art, and music.


Suzaki is good at singing, and lists soft tennis and scuba diving as her favorite sport. Her hobbies are playing the trumpet and flower arrangement. She is also a licensed teacher.

She performed the opening and ending themes to the anime Tamako Market under her character name Tamako Kitashirakawa.

She received one of the Best Female Newcomers at the 9th VA Awards in March 2015.

In December 2019, Suzaki married anime writer Takashi Ifukube.


Most famous Roles:

Assassination Classroom: Kaede Kayano

Sayu Personality

Sayu, Shuumatsuban’s resident ninja, is obsessed with sleeping and growing taller.
She has mastered all kinds of ninjutsu to run away and hide in pursuit of opportunities to laze around and sleep.
Such an extraordinary skillset may have very unexpected uses.


A pint-sized, agile ninja associated with the Shiyuumatsu-Ban.

Height has never been one of Sayu’s strengths… She stopped growing a long time ago, long enough that she feels like she is trapped in a dream where time has stopped.

Why aren’t I growing taller? Am I not getting enough sleep?

And just like that, the pint-sized ninja who awoke to this thought drifted off to sleep again.


Sayu firmly believes that sleep can replenish all her energy and help her grow taller. In order to live by this principle and have as much time to nap as possible, she honed her ninjutsu to perfection.

Fleeing, hiding, transforming… Sayu is the master of all ninjutsu techniques. An unsuspecting leaf or a bucket? It might be just one of Sayu’s many disguises!

As a result, if the Shiyuumatsu-Ban needs Sayu’s help, they need to commit all efforts to finding her first.

Of course, from Sayu’s point of view, this so-called “laziness” is just better time allocation which allows her to focus on things… like sleeping and growing taller



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