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Sangonomiya Kokomi Guide



Sangonomiya Kokomi Guide

This guide is as usual a f2p friendly Sangonomiya Kokomi Build in C0, this build is adapted to the current meta changes may occur after this article is up but if any major changes happen the article will be updated.

Sangonomiya Kokomi Sales

Kokomi had the lowest first day sales ever in Genshin Impact, people were not hyped about her, she is a healer DPS support, and she came out right after the most hyped banner ever of Raiden Shogun.

This Graph represents the first day sales of every 5* character Keqin is between Xiao and Hu Tao and Kokomi is the lowest so far.

Knowing this Mihoyo may try to do something about the character by giving it some kind of broken buff, but this is all speculations and nothing official so for now here’s the current meta build for Kokomi.

Sangonomiya Kokomi Build

Artifact Set Options:

Artifact Stats:


  • ② Energy Recharge
  • ③ Elemental Mastery
  • ④ ATK%


  • ① HP%
  • ② Energy Recharge
  • ③ HP Flat
  • ④ Elemental Mastery


  • Main Stat: HP%
  • ① Flat HP
  • ② Energy Recharge
  • ③ Elemental Mastery
  • ④ ATK%


  • Main Stat: Hydro DMG Bonus / HP%
  • ① Flat HP
  • ② Energy Recharge
  • ③ Elemental Mastery
  • ④ HP%


  • Main Stat: Healing Bonus / HP%
  • ① HP% /Elemental Mastery
  • ② Flat HP
  • ③ ATK%
  • ④ Energy Recharge

Best Weapons :

Team Composition:

  • Best: Ayaka, Kokomi, Venti, Baal
  • Taser Team: Kokomi, 2-Electro DPS, 1-Anemo Support or Sub DPS
  • Perma Freeze: Kokomi, 2-Cryo DPS or Sub DPS, 1-Anemo Grouper


The biggest negative point for Kokomi is her Jellyfish, she cannot reposition it and the particle generation is very low, we’re hoping to see changes about that aspect of Kokomi, Let us know if you like her or not by joining our Social Media TwitterFacebook and Discord and to be updated on any news about Genshin Impact.


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