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Sangonomiya Kokomi Coming Soon



Sangonomiya Kokomi Coming Soon

Despite her delicate appearance, she is the leader of the Sangonomiya resistance. She is a wise and resourceful military advisor. Although she always wears a very serene smile, she actually has everything arranged and in her grasp. She is the brains of the forces. Sangonomiya Kokomi is the next 5 star character coming to Genshin Impact

Sangonomiya Kokomi Ovrpwr

Things to Know

  • Sangonomiya Kokomi will be a 5 star Hydro Support DPS
  • She will have a large base HP pool
  • You will need 168 Sango Pearl to ascend Kokomi to level 90
  • Add to that 46 Dew of Reputation to ascend Kokomi to level 90
  • You will also need all kinds of Varunada Lazurite Fragments
  • You will also need Specter materials


Elemental Skill Jellyfish: Summmons a Jellyfish that deals damage, heals allies, and applies hydro element. the jellyfish ignores elemental reaction cooldowns, the jellyfish lasts for 12sec and has a 20sec cooldown.

Elemental Burst: Kokomi changes form for 10sec, deals Aoe damage and her basic, charged, and jellyfish attacks all deal damage proportional to Kokomi’s max HP, in addition to that, she will heal all your party when attacking with any of those attacks, and finally this form she will have higher interruption ressistance and will be able to walk on water.

Passive: If the Jellyfish is on the battlefield and Kokomi uses her Elemental Skill the Jellyfish will be resummoned in front of her and will reset her cooldown duration, also during her Elemental Burst form Kokomi gains more attack damage proportional to her healing bonus, and finally she will have -100% crit chance and +25 Healing Bonus.


Kokomi is a very unique character, she will most likely be very free to play firendly like Albedo and will be interessting to see how people will build her.


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