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Patch 2.2 Resume |Genshin Impact



Patch 2.2 Resume |Genshin Impact

Here’s a complete resume of Mihoyo’s Live today and Patch 2.2 Announcements in Genshin Impact.

Primogem Codes

Here are some Redeem Codes that will be available until tomorrow make sure to claim them fast, they contain 300 Primogems, Mora and EXP Books


Patch 2.2 Banners

This next patch will have two portals, one for Childe and another one for Hu Tao accompanied by Thoma a 4 Star Pyro Spearman, this is the 3rd time that Childe has appeared on a banner probably because of the new bow this time that will come out.

Patch 2.2 Content and Updates

  • The Final Inazuma Island called Tsurumi
new island
  • New Monsters
new monster
  • Hangout Event for Thoma and Sayu
Event Ovrpwr

Events 2.2

Patch 2.2
Event with Free 4 Star character Xinyan
Patch 2.2 event
A quest where you gather artifacts to defeat a Giant Ruin Guard
Even Genshin Impact
Rhythm Game Event
Patch 2.2
Daily Flower decoration for your Teapot


Patch 2.2
Genshin Impact x Razer Collab


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