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Onikabuto is a Local Specialty unique to Inazuma, it can be found hanging on trees and rocks in areas with high Electro concentration, this resource can only be used to craft the Electro Treasure Compass, and has no other use so far, there is a total of 79 Onikabutos in the map and once you collect one of them it will take 2 to 3 days for it to respawn.

Onikabuto Information




Respawn Time

Local Speciality


 2 to 3 Days


A strange beetle that inhabits areas rich with Electro energy. Its docile and sedentary temperament could not be more different from the fierce, demonic visage displayed on its armored shell.

Best Location

 Tatarasuna and Grand Narukami Shrine

Items Crafted with Onikabuto

Onikabuto Crafts



Electro Treasure Compass

A compass that can be used in Inazuma to search for nearby chests. If a chest is nearby, then it goes on cooldown for 30 seconds, otherwise, 5 seconds.

x10 Golden Raven Insignia
x30 Onikabuto
x50 Crystal Chunk
x500 Mora

Onikabuto Map Location


You can find this map by going to: Teyvat Interactive Map , once you collect one of these Onikabutos you will need to wait 2 to 3 days for them to respawn again, and there are no other ways to get them besides collecting them from the world.

How they look like in the world before collecting them


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